10 Best Motivational Books Of All Time


10 Best Motivational Books Of All Time

Any undertaking has no chance of success without the right motivation. It is also true that good motivation is no less than half the success in the most complex business. The top 10 books on motivation will help you get a powerful incentive to fulfill your plan, as well as overcome uncertainty.
Top Motivation Books
Top Motivation Books

We are used to the fact that books are a kind of rest for us, we read fiction to distract from work and relax our souls.

But there are such books, after reading which, I want to succeed as well as their heroes did. These are really powerful motivators that can direct a person in the right direction of a productive change in their own lives and help determine their plans for a brighter future.

1. Stephen R. Covey “The Seven Skills of Highly Effective People”

The author of this book studied a lot of literature on success, leadership, and the biography of great people, and as a result came to a fairly logical conclusion that the foundation of long-term success and true self-realization is elementary fidelity to certain principles, the so-called eternal truths that remain the only correct ones in any situation with the relevant circumstances.

The author claims that each person must develop in themselves seven specific skills that will subsequently really help you become successful:

  1. When starting a business, always have a clear idea of ​​the ultimate goal.
  2. Start with the most important things first.
  3. Collaborate with others based on the principle of mutual benefit.
  4. Try to understand yourself first, and only then, so that others understand you.
  5. Always strive for creative interaction that benefits both sides of the process.
  6. Remember to constantly improve yourself.
  7. You are the master, and not the slave of any circumstances, in your life and destiny the creator is you.

Long-known truths in a slightly different language. Perhaps you just need a similar look at your own life. This book has long been a global superb bestseller and perhaps even the best book on personal growth and self-improvement.

In addition, such famous and truly successful people as Larry King, Bill Clinton, and Stephen Forbes argued that it was this wonderful work of Stephen R. Covey that had the most significant impact on them and their lives at the right time.

2. Dale Carnegie “How to Make Friends and Influence People”

Mixing personal and business relationships in some cases are still considered unacceptable. Dale Carnegie thought completely differently, who does not see anything too terrible in this. Moreover, these varieties of relationships are not only perfectly combined but in specific situations are simply inseparable. The easily accessible language that this book is written, reasonable arguments, and the right motivation make it a favorite among its readers.

3. Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”

This is really a powerful motivator that is able to push the action of almost any person. The author of the book talked with 40 millionaires and made reasonable and competent conclusions about how a person’s thoughts can direct him to success. Of course, a successful combination of circumstances, the competent handling of money can also lead to wealth, and, moreover, for a really long time, it was positioned that this was the only way to it. Napoleon Hill showed a different point of view, almost revolutionary.

He proved that the power of thought has absolutely no limits, but it can become a real engine for wealth and success. This book has been reprinted in the United States more than 42 times, because it is simply shocking with its positive vitality and powerful determination, and thousands of people who have already transformed their lives with the help of the philosophy of this book have significantly changed their personal financial condition.

4. Anthony Robbins “Wake up a giant in yourself”

This is almost a kind of guide to action, in which the author describes the most effective strategies and absolutely specific techniques, using which in practice any person can completely control their own emotions and feelings, their physical health, relationships with others, and the financial side of their lives.

The author claims that a person is really able to pacify and curb all possible forces that are accustomed to playing his fate and life itself. And his words that if you cannot do something for objective reasons, you just have to do it, but if you must, then you can, they have become truly winged.

5. James Allen “The Man of Thinking”

An old and time-tested book in which the author does not require quick decisions, but explains in an accessible way how your own thoughts participate in the direct formation of your personality, and then the personality helps, and sometimes almost makes you make the necessary decisions, and in addition, helps to find out the desired type of action.

6. Og Mandino “The Greatest Merchant in the World”

This is not just a book about how to sell goods, but elegant philosophical parables that will surely help you gain faith in yourself and your capabilities, and in the end, you will definitely have a colossal desire to live a full life. And, of course, everyone involved in the trading business, of course, needs to read this book.

7. Richard Carlson “Do not worry for nothing”

The main purpose of books of this kind is concentrated precisely in sorting out your many violent thoughts and trying to get rid of that “mess” in your own head that suppresses your mind, desires, and productive aspirations. This book will help you organize your thoughts “on the shelves”, filter out the most necessary and really important ones and get rid of the so-called “annoying noise”.

8. Daniel Pink “Drive”

The generally accepted point of view that motivation is just the right and appropriate alternation of encouragement and punishment is considered in this book in a slightly different way. The author believes that, in essence, motivation incorporates a lot of different aspects, and it proceeds from an elementary awareness of the desire to find out who you are in the existing reality and who you really want to be in this life.

9. Norman Vincent Peale “The Power of Positive Thinking”

The main concept of this wonderful book is that optimism significantly changes a person’s life, stabilizes health, makes him happier, which means that the optimist has much more real chances for success than the whiner and pessimist. And the idea that any action is much better than passive inaction has become a key aspect in achieving success.

10. Robert T. Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Lecter “Before You Start Your Business”

A wonderful book for beginning entrepreneurs, which, of course, will be useful for those ten lessons that the authors talk about. Business can be different – small and modest, or grandiose, worth tens of thousands or even millions of dollars. And this book is a great motivator for any person who seeks his own financial independence.


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