13 Ways To Control Your Emotions

13 Ways To Control Your Emotions

How to control your emotions and what is it? Emotions are the prerogative of every mentally healthy person, but the difficulty is that often we absolutely do not understand how to control them.

Ineffective Methods

Almost constantly, we turn to proven methods for managing emotions.

Young men often resort to computer games, strong drinks, and cigarettes.

Girls try to curb their own emotions through food or shopping.

There is nothing wrong with this if it does not happen all the time.ย But in most cases, we use such not-so-good methods virtually daily.ย Ultimately, we have problems with relationships, job responsibilities, and well-being.

Ways to control emotions

What are the rational ways to control emotions?

There are some postulates that should not be forgotten.

  1. Emotions are not your choice, since they are responsible for that section of gray matter that is not subject to our control.
  2. Emotions are not governed by ethical standards.ย These are emotions, and nothing more.
  3. You are responsible for your own emotions.
  4. You are able to curb emotions, but not able to eradicate them.
  5. Often emotions direct a person on the wrong path.ย But in some cases, they can open great prospects for us.ย It all depends on what you set out to do.
  6. The more you suppress them, the greater their intensity.
  7. The most correct method to take control of emotions is to allow yourself to survive them.
  8. Emotions feed your thoughts.ย You can use your thoughts to control your own emotions.
  9. You need to be aware of your emotions, as well as what they signal, and in this way you will get rid of nervous shocks.ย Simply put, you should consider your emotions.
  10. Any emotion has a hidden meaning.ย This meaning allows you to better understand yourself, even if you try not to show it.ย Take care of yourself and come to terms with all the emotions that you experience by living in an appropriate state.
  11. The way your mother and father responded to your emotions affects how you currently perceive them.ย While you were forming as a person, your emotions underwent similar changes.ย They became more complex and distinct.
  12. Your emotions have long been striving to splash out.ย They do not evaporate, but grow inside, and all this is not without a definite meaning.
  13. If you want to better understand your own emotions, then you should not be fenced off from them in order to avoid disagreements with people.

How to learn to control your emotions

There are some simple rules on how to learn to control your emotions.

What do you feel at the moment

The first action you need to take is to understand what you are experiencing.ย Experts note four basic emotions: anxiety, sadness, aggression, happiness.

When you are in a state of anxiety, you indulge in something like this: โ€œWhat if I canโ€™t get a job in my specialty?โ€, โ€œSuddenly I will never start a family?โ€, โ€œAnd if I canโ€™t complete the test?โ€ย You worry about the upcoming and that your plans may not work.ย At the bodily level, you can feel the rapid heartbeat, muscle stiffness, clenched teeth.

When you grieve, then sad thoughts about the past come to you.ย You feel tired and heavy on your shoulders, you can sob and are not able to focus on anything.

Aggression can be traced in thoughts focused on the fact that someone has discounted something that is dear to you.ย Physical manifestations are similar to those that you experience with anxiety: a heartbeat is too strong, a feeling of heaviness in the chest.

When you are happy, thoughts are concentrated on what you have achieved.ย For example, you got a good job, bought a house, or were praised.ย In physical terms, you feel relaxed and peaceful, your lips stretch out into a smile, you rejoice.

Get to the bottom of your emotions

Ask yourself about the essentials to realize why you have a certain emotion:

Anxiety: What scares me?
Sadness: What have I lost?
Aggression: What really important thing did this person encroach on?
Joy: What have I achieved?

Controlling emotions

Once you understand what you are experiencing at the moment and what is the point, you need to start doing something.ย Ask yourself if there is something with which you can find a way out of this situation.ย If it is real, do it.

For example, if you experience sadness because you cannot get a job in your specialty, you can ask relatives and friends for support.

If you are unable to perform an action, consider how you can curb emotion.ย Talk with a friend, add your thoughts to the diary, go in for sports, go to a consultant specializing in the problem that concerns you.ย Choose what is most appropriate for you.

When you stop ignoring your own emotions, your life will sparkle with new colors, and you can find a way out of any difficult situation.


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