16 Practical Ways To Motivate Yourself


16 Practical Ways To Motivate Yourself

In periods of emotional decline, turmoil, and doubt, you have to get yourself out of these states. Self-motivation is a roadmap for overcoming difficult periods of life. Set goals and go towards them carefully, but persistently.
The most effective methods of self-motivation

Even the most active and purposeful sometimes have a recession period when they don’t want to do anything or just do nothing. Psychologists do not see anything wrong with this. On the contrary, they believe that this is normal. Man cannot function like an automaton. His body from time to time requires respite and nourishment. And proven methods of self-motivation can help.

1. Do what you love

Listen to yourself, your desires, and understand what you would like to do. If you have to study again for this, it’s wonderful! Get a second education. Or deepen knowledge and improve skills in an already acquired profession. Change your job.
The main thing is that you like what you do. Because spending life on something that plunges into despondency is criminal in relation to oneself.

2. Review your goals

Take a piece of paper, a pen, and write down what goals you set for yourself. Now, look at what form this list really matches your desires, and what is imposed by society, parents, considerations of prestige, or snobbery.

Why achieve what is alien to you and, by and large, not at all interesting? Cross out excess. Getting rid of the psychological burden, you will feel relief and a surge of new strength.

3. Do not spray

To deal with many problems at the same time – this means, in fact, not to engage in any. Dozens of unresolved cases are hanging on you, which leads to inevitable mental exhaustion.
Think about which ones are worth finishing, and which ones should be abandoned without regret. And henceforth do not spray your strengths, concentrate on achieving one or two goals. As a result, it turns out that you have enough energy to work quickly and efficiently.

4. Tune in for a quick result.

It is important to understand from the very beginning that success is not achieved in one moment. They usually go to the goal for years. Awareness of this will help not to get bored on the road, not to be disappointed, and not to lose faith in yourself. Everything will come to you, but in due time, when you gain experience and demonstrate personal qualities.

5. Visualize goals

This method advertised by psychologists really helps. Imagine what you want to achieve. It is usually advised to do this before bedtime when it is believed that it is easiest to send a signal to the Universe. The more colorful and detailed you will imagine your dream, the better It will understand your desires and help to realize them.

6. Act immediately

The rule of 72 hours states: it is necessary to get down to business within 72 hours after you have made a decision. This does not mean that in three days you need to start and finish everything. No, but take the very first steps as soon as possible. This is due to the functioning of our brains.
If a person, having made a decision, starts pulling a bagpipe, his brain perceives such behavior as evidence that the matter is of no importance and you can do nothing and not motivate the “owner”. And then you will be surprised why you do not feel like it and cannot be able to carry out your plan.

7. Do not be afraid

Before starting any business, anxiety usually surrounds us: will we cope with what has been planned, will there be enough strength, skills, and knowledge? Psychologists advise more often to pronounce affirmations, thus setting themselves up to the fact that everything will turn out well. “I can do everything perfectly”, “I can do everything easily”, “I do everything wonderful” … And also remember what popular wisdom says: eyes are afraid, and hands are doing. So what’s the matter, and quickly.

8. Make a list of achievements

Write about what you have achieved and what you are proud of. You see how much you have already done! So, successfully deal with the present case.

9. Praise yourself

You deserve the best words. Feel free to tell yourself: smart, well done, good girl! No one will hear! And you are pleased. But, in addition to words, there are other forms of encouragement. Give yourself gifts from time to time. In the end, you also earn in order to pamper yourself.

And also write down who and when praised your work, set you as an example for others. Read these reviews from time to time – believe me, it’s very stimulating.

10. Get inspired

This means getting positive emotions and a surge of internal energy. Each has its own way to “charge the batteries.” Someone will drink a cup of coffee with something tasty and will feel that they are ready for fruitful work, while someone is inspired by music. What is easier: I recorded my favorite tunes on the player, put on my headphones – and for work.

11. Maintain discipline

Whatever we say about the importance of encouragement and praise, we must not forget about discipline and self-organization. Man is naturally lazy, so he must constantly keep himself in good shape. First of all, thanks to discipline. Set a daily routine and try to stick to it.

Do not stay up late, because you get up early, and you should get enough sleep. At work, try not to engage in empty talk, do not hang out on social networks – take some time for this, but only after you have worked fruitfully.
Keep your workplace in order, turn off your mobile phone for a couple of hours so as not to be distracted. So you save a lot of time and effort for the business.

13. Compete

Surely your colleagues also work hard, set goals, and achieve them. The thought of this will spur you on. Mentally compete with them.

14. Help others

And financially including. So you need to make good money. The ability to do charity work will add strength to you.

15. Be optimistic and … memento mori

The thought that we are not eternal makes us perceive every day as a gift and be grateful to the Universe, not to waste our time on trifles, correctly prioritize, and live a full life.

16. Charge with energy

No matter how much we love our work, sometimes a moment comes when you feel apathy and powerlessness when you have to forcibly lift yourself off the couch and drag yourself out of the house. This means that the energy level has fallen to a critical point. In this case, the following simple steps will help:

a) sleep at least eight hours. Try to go to bed before 23 o’clock and get up at seven in the morning;

b) spend more time outdoors. Take a walk in the park, go out of town, wander through the forest;

c) move more. Run in the mornings, enroll in the pool, or at least walk at a fast pace for at least an hour a day. Devote ten minutes to meditation;

d) eat right. No fast food. Fewer sweets and meat. On your table should be vegetables, fruits, fish, cereals. And instead of sweets and cakes, dried fruits and nuts with honey.

e) be sure to meet friends. Psychologists have noticed that communication with people close in spirit stimulates the release of endorphins – hormones of happiness;

e) do not sit locked up. Go out to people: attend concerts, exhibitions, performances, movies. Read good books. Just wander around the city, explore unfamiliar streets and alleys, admire the architecture;

g) take a couple of days to Prague or Vienna, to Riga or Lviv;

h) be silent. Remember how the heroine Elizabeth Gilbert (“Eat, Pray, Love”), living in the ashram, took a vow of silence for a week and how this helped her to restore peace of mind. So you try to be silent at least on weekends, so you dive deeper into yourself and get emotional relief;

i) become a hooligan for one evening. Especially since Halloween is coming. Why not take this opportunity? Make arrangements with your friends to shock the audience. Dress as witches and surrender to the power of “dark forces” …

Try all of these methods. Maybe ten is enough for you to get back to normal and rush to the goal with renewed vigor.


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