5 Valuable Tips On How To Marry a Millionaire


5 Valuable Tips On How
To Marry a Millionaire

Ladies of different ages dream of marrying a millionaire. This is the shortest path to a pleasant life, and women suggest that the millionaire will be happy to make happy the most charming and attractive. It’s not so easy to find the key to your heart and bank account.
How to successfully marry a millionaire

Becoming a millionaire, getting rich, and living in chocolate is a cherished dream of many. That’s just the way to achieve material well-being, everyone chooses his own. And the easiest is to get an inheritance, and it is desirable when you are still young. But for this, you need to have rich relatives.

And if they are not? A million can be stolen. The film “How to Steal a Million” with Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole in the title role can serve as an instruction. There are many other films from which you can get ideas on how to crank up a scam, get rich, and not get caught. However, this method is fraught with a risk to life, and it may well happen that it will not be possible to use the stolen money.

Another option is to marry a millionaire (or marry a wealthy heiress). Public morality condemns the marriage of convenience: “What about love?”, “But what about heaven with a sweetheart and a hut?” For this reason, some women do not even want to admit to themselves that wealthy men cause increased attention to them. And at the same time, many of them are looking for a rich life partner purposefully, not sparing neither the forces nor the means to achieve the goal, because they expect that their expenses will later pay off in excess.

And here, in fact, there is nothing surprising. Girls who do not have a reliable rear in the form of a solvent dad who will gladly fulfill any wish they have, have to climb the heights of success and material wealth themselves, or be content with little ones, or offer their beauty and youth to a rich man in exchange for a comfortable life. After all, life is short, and I want to get all the best as quickly as possible.

(By the way, there are many among men who want to immediately fall in love with a wealthy woman of any age, intellect, size, and appearance, who will help them take off on a social elevator to the heights of prosperity. Such a prospect seems to them more tempting than to learn, work, overcome difficulties, and gain experience that is “the son of difficult mistakes.”)

But the path to the heart and bank account of a millionaire is not easy and has its own characteristics. Only a few achieve the desired goal. Girls who firmly decided to follow it and whose difficulties only inspire, first …

1. Market research of potential millionaire husbands

Firstly, here they will meet with many rivals of different ages, suits, and skin colors, who pursue the same goals and do not stop at anything to remove another competitor from the road. Secondly, demand far exceeds supply, which only increases the price of “goods”: millionaires themselves are many times less than girls who prey on them.

For example, in 2016 in Russia there were 96 dollar billionaires and approximately 79 thousand dollar millionaires. However, there are still ruble millionaires, the number of which in Russia is approaching 500 thousand. And this figure already allows us to hope that especially active girls still have chances.

This list can be expanded at the expense of foreigners-millionaires – it happens that they wander into dating sites in search of a life partner.

At the same time, it must be borne in mind that most millionaires are people of age and have already started a family, or even not one. True, the presence of a wife is not considered an obstacle: “A wife is not a wall – you can move it.” “Moscow is a big lottery. … Diplomats, artists, foreign traders, artists, poets live here. And all of them are men, ”says Lyudmila, one of the main characters in the film“ Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears ”. “But they have their own women,” another heroine, Katerina, answers her. To which Lyudmila declares: “But we are no worse than theirs!” So, family millionaires are also seen as potential husbands.

However, some millionaires, who have already stepped on a family rake and managed to get a divorce, promised themselves never to enter into an official marriage again, since the divorce process significantly damaged their finances.

They are quite satisfied with love relationships with more or less constant friends, which, obviously, cannot be said about girls who would like to change the unstable status of a girlfriend to a more reliable status of a wife.

Among the millionaires, there are also convinced loners whose plans do not include marriage. For example, 50-year-old Alexei Semin, a native of Kazan and one of the first successful businessmen of Tatarstan, and now – the owner of a huge fortune and a castle in France, estimated at 10 million euros.

Nobody has managed to convince him to reconsider his views on family life. He himself explains the absence of a woman in his life as huge employment.

Some wealthy men do not dare to marry because they do not trust women. Indeed, to understand what drives a woman – love for a man or his money, can be difficult even for someone who is familiar with the language of facial expressions and gestures and easily recognizes lies.

Nevertheless, bachelor millionaires who are ready to get married are not a myth, they exist. According to the Russian edition of Forbes, approximately 10% of the rating of the richest people in the country are not officially married. Their average age is 40-50 years.

True, in recent years, millionaires have become very “younger” due to promising and successful young people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Among them is the 28-year-old Muscovite Vsevolod Fear, who founded the company Sotomarket from scratch, whose annual turnover exceeded $ 4 billion. And the 29-year-old Nikolai Saganenko, a businessman from St. Petersburg, first appeared on the Forbes cover when he was 19 years old.

His most successful startup, thanks to which he became a millionaire, is the production of real estate mock-ups in the mock-up studio “Mock-Master” he created. By the way, the external data of these young millionaires are no less attractive than their projects.

By the way, choosing “your” millionaire, it is worthwhile to ask how his capital was acquired. Indeed, often among millionaires, you can find masters of spin and weaning. And this fact should not be neglected. Such a millionaire is probably without brakes and, who knows, will not a successful hunter, who has got such a man, become a victim over time.

There are many cases when women, completely dependent on a rich spouse, annoying him, found themselves behind the door in almost the same way they came to. Information flashes in the press about women whose rich, influential, and severe husbands take their children away, and no court comes to the rescue.

2. Critically assess their chances

It is only in ladies’ novels that one can read about how the noble handsome millionaire saw a beautiful swan in the ugly duckling, they got married and lived happily ever after. The story of how a millionaire, played by incomparable Richard Gere, fell in love with the heroine Julia Roberts, a girl of “low social responsibility” from the movie “Pretty Woman”, also an exception rather than a rule.

Due to the fact that for one wealthy man there are quite a lot of women – different and different, such men become too spoiled, legible and begin to show increased, one might say – overstated, requirements for possible life companions.

True, among young millionaires there are men for whom a model appearance is not the main thing. For example, the external data of the wife of Mark Zuckerberg,  Priscilla Chan, are far from the ideals of beauty that the girls try to match in the desire to attract a wealthy man. And these same girls are very indignant about his choice. They sincerely do not understand that there are things that cannot be bought for any money.

3. Attend all kinds of training on women’s pickup

They tell how to seduce the right man, namely: what dresses, shoes, and accessories to give preference to, what makeup to choose, how to smile, where to look and how to behave. How much benefit from such training to attract men into marriage networks is not clear. The only thing known is that they are very popular.

One of the female pickup trainers is Denis Baiguzhin, who assures that he successfully marries his millionaire clients. He has a VKontakte page entitled “How to Marry,” he travels around the country with lectures on the topic “How to Marry a Millionaire” and uploads a video to YouTube. Recently, he wrote a book, “How to Find, Conquer, and Keep a Dignified Man.”

The program of his training includes recommendations for self-care, creating your own style, raising self-esteem, developing femininity, and sexuality. In one of his poems, Vladimir Mayakovsky asks: “If the stars are lit, then does anyone need this?” To paraphrase, one may ask: if such training exists, then does anyone need this?

In 2014, an entrance ticket for one Baiguzhin’s lecture cost from 8 to 15 thousand rubles. And the girls willingly paid. (Probably for reasons that the game is worth the candle.)

Judging by how much such training is in demand, and you will not remain without work.

The main theses of Denis Baiguzhin’s lectures: “A woman must live at the expense of a worthy man. But in order to win this, she should get rid of her stinking pride. I kill fucking emancipation and crush feminism. ” He convinces his listeners that their main task is to find a man with big money and to please him in every possible way, and then in return, they will get everything they want from him.

However, in his (and not only in him – there are plenty of such trainers) recommendations there is nothing new: conquer a man with your beauty, be gentle and humble with him, tirelessly take care of him, provide him with home comfort and quality sex – and you will be happy!

4. Turn to matchmaker

Peter Listerman is called the main Cupid of Russia and star matchmaker. His business is highly successful and profitable. According to him, in his file cabinet are the best suitors of the world who need a gentle and loving female soul.

It is desirable that the owner of such a soul was dark-haired, lady, tall, and long-legged. Having a mind is not welcome. “The orders for the smart ones are over,” Listerman jokes.

How does star matchmaker work? Looks at the photos that applicants send to his official website. Of the approximately two hundred letters with photographs that come daily, he selects 5 and asks the girls who wrote to him to tell about himself in more detail. And then follows a personal meeting, the relevant instructions are given.

Listerman admits that not a single marriage made with his help lasted more than five years. He destroys it with his own hands. Commerce is, first of all, and you need to build new clients.

Those who have not passed the casting, he calls not to despair and gives them tips where you can hunt for millionaires.

5. Together with him, they start from scratch

They say, “to become a wife of a general, you need to marry a soldier.” But since far from all soldiers become generals, it is important to discern a man’s potential, desire to develop, the ability to set goals and achieve them.

34-year-old Mila Levchuk from St. Petersburg is one of the women who, in her opinion, succeeded. Now she is a wealthy wife and part-time expert on family relations and the author of the book “The Force of Attraction of Men”. She has her own official website, she conducts classes at the School of Femininity founded by her and online training, where she talks about how to become a girl for whom a man will do everything.

She also has an Instagram page where she communicates with girls on burning topics. For example, “Why is my money mine, and his money ours?”, “Should a woman work?” and etc.

Have you changed your mind about marrying a millionaire?


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