10 Exotic Animals To Keep At Home


10 Exotic Animals To Keep At Home

If you want to move away from the usual kitties, dogs, and hamsters, then this article is for you. You will find out why it is better to have a skunk rather than a raccoon, and what kind of fox you can bring home.

Bright Side recalls that any animal is a huge responsibility, they require careful care, training, special conditions, and considerable financial investments. If you are not confident in your abilities and capabilities, then it is better to admire them at the zoo and not start a living creature just for the sake of fashion. And of course, any animal should be purchased in nurseries from professional breeders. Do not encourage the smuggling of wild animals.


10 exotic animals to keep at home

Capybara  is huge (adult weight reaches 65 kg), but very friendly rodent. This smart animal is able to make friends with anyone and gets along well with cats, dogs and birds. Capybaras are willing to be trained, do not show aggression, quickly get used to walking on a leash and feel very comfortable as a pet.

Prerequisites: These animals lead a semi-aquatic lifestyle and rarely move more than 500-1,000 meters from the water. The pool is considered ideal conditions, and also do not forget that capybaras are accustomed to a tropical climate, so in winter you will have to think about a heated large aviary.

Who can not be kept at home: But the red pandas can only be admired on TV or in zoos – these animals are included in the list of endangered. Pandas also require a too specific diet, if not observed, the animal may die.


10 exotic animals to keep at home

Increasingly, this small fox (the size of a chihuahua and weighing no more than 1.5 kg) can be seen as a pet. Fenech  is an extremely friendly creature with a huge amount of energy. A cute feature of this animal is the woolen pads of the paws, which save from burns with hot sand in natural conditions.

Necessary conditions: At first, the animal needs to give maximum attention: to feed with hands, play, stroke and in no case can not scream or make sudden movements. You will also need a huge cage or a separate room, covered with sand (they love to dig and make holes). In winter, you will have to think about how to provide heat – the Fenech does not tolerate low temperatures, the animal quickly catches a cold and can die.

Who can’t be kept at home: Dune cat , of course, is a beautiful beast and is considered one of the most comfortable pets from all cats, but these animals are specially registered, in many countries it is illegal to keep them at home.


10 exotic animals to keep at home

Necessary conditions: A large tank of water (50 liters of water per individual), constant support for a comfortable temperature (16−20 ° C) and regular cleaning of the aquarium. Axolotls are incompatible with any kind of fish, snails and frogs. If you cannot guarantee the maintenance of this salamander in cold water, then it is better to abandon the idea of ​​having it at home.

Who should not be kept at home: The poisonous toad aga is also quite popular in home terrariums, and the owners are not afraid to pick it up. These toads contain very strong poison, therefore, if you have dogs or cats, as well as small children, it is better to think about acquiring another pet, otherwise they may die after talking with aga.

Sugar Marsupial Flying Squirrel

10 exotic animals to keep at home

Prerequisites: The animal at night and at first will prevent you from sleeping. If the flying squirrel makes noise in the cage, then she calls you, because she is bored and lonely – these are very social creatures that need communication. The best option is to buy her a friend. Also, when installing a drinking bowl in a cage, you should first teach your pet to it, otherwise the animal may die of thirst.

Who should not be kept at home: If you think that bats are also very similar to sugar flying squirrels, then you are very mistaken. Not only is it difficult to find a common language with these animals, it is also prohibited by law to keep houses at home in many countries.


10 exotic animals to keep at home

Prerequisites: Despite its very exotic appearance, the geneta is unpretentious. The main thing is proper and regular nutrition and a clean tray.

Who can’t be kept at home: In many countries it is forbidden to keep meerkats , but maybe this is for the best – these animals are too mobile and will not give you rest at all, and your home will need repair very soon after you bring meerkats to it.


10 exotic animals to keep at home

Necessary conditions: It is necessary to immediately buy a cage and make a small shelter for a hedgehog, it is not recommended to let him study the apartment alone – the animal may get entangled in wires or get injured. And it is worth remembering that hedgehogs are predators and the basis of their diet should be raw meat.

Who can’t be kept at home: If you do not live in Africa, it  is problematic to get jerboas , and you should not do this. This is a wild and quite aggressive rodent that will never get used to a person and will try to escape whenever possible.

Florida Blue Cancer

10 exotic animals to keep at home

Prerequisites: They require clean water, a large aquarium and a place to hide.

Who can’t be kept at home: Bad news for the Potter fans: you won’t be able to get your own Letter. The white owl, although not on the list of endangered animals, is nevertheless forbidden by law to keep them in many countries; this predator is not suitable for living with people.


10 exotic animals to keep at home

Necessary conditions: These animals need a warm climate, it is better not to start them for residents of the northern or middle strip. And also do not keep them in pairs and in no case should you leave the beast unattended in the apartment, be sure to close it in the aviary for the duration of your absence.

Who should not be kept at home: Koalas are threatened with extinction, and the Australian government imposes severe restrictions on the export and keeping of these animals.

A Fox

10 exotic animals to keep at home

How to resist the charm of a forest beauty, but can foxes be kept at home? It is possible, but not all. Remember: you can keep a domestic fox in a house, a domesticated one  – no. The difference between these two species is that the domestic fox is the one that was brought specifically for keeping in the apartment, they undergo a strict selection, the domesticated one that was brought from the forest to the apartment.

And it is worth remembering that foxes have a specific character: they are loyal but independent, very curious, trusting, and playful. It will take a long time to look for a common language with this pet, so you need to be patient.

Prerequisites: The fox takes root in the house faster if it already has any pets in it. The fox needs to walk on a leash and watch it very carefully: the animal can swallow a piece of glass and other dangerous objects. Foxes love to hide, so you need to come up with a den for her.

Who can’t be kept at home: Many dishonest breeders sell puppies of domesticated foxes under the guise of pets, but at a lower price. Such savings will come sideways: sooner or later instincts will appear at the animal and he will begin to attack others, scream at night, and literally go crazy with the desire to break free. And of course, never bring an ordinary wild fox to your home yourself for your safety and the safety of your loved ones.


10 exotic animals to keep at home

You may find it hard to imagine how skunks can be pets, but in the US they are loved and kept at home. Skunks are affectionate and very faithful, close in nature to a dog. The tamed beast does not use stinking weapons at home.

Necessary conditions: The main thing is to comb out the animal regularly and trim the claws in a timely manner.

Who should not be kept at home: Despite the incredible popularity, breeders do not recommend raising raccoons if you are not a professional and you do not have sufficient knowledge in dealing with wild animals. These cunning and dexterous animals will smash your apartment, you just have to turn away. Not everyone has the patience and strength to pacify the nature of this beast.

And what do you think, is it possible to have exotic animals or do they not have a place in the cities and should they live in freedom?


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