7 Main Mistakes That Women Make At The Interview


7 Main Mistakes That Women Make At The Interview

Women are not interviewed in the same way as men, and they make different mistakes. Extravagant ladies sometimes demonstrate miracles of ingenuity, but the mistakes of most applicants are quite typical. What you can’t do if you want to go to work.
Female mistakes at the interview

If a man decides to change his job, he uses all the possibilities: connects his connections, asks about the possibilities of his friends, asks for a service, or even a favor. A woman is not like that: her pride will not allow her to borrow from someone, to ask someone about something.

She will secretly collect information, check all possible vacancies, and go for an interview, pleased with herself. This is where her errors lie in wait, which can nullify all previous efforts.

So, the most common mistakes that women make, wanting to get a prestigious and highly paid job.

1. Unnatural behavior

The desire to make a favorable impression on the future employer can play a cruel joke on the job seeker. This may be an attempt to hide the excitement, as a rule, unsuccessful.

Excessive modesty will also be inappropriate and will not lead to anything good. Hiding your merits, you may not be on the list of applicants, but if you extol them too high, make up the wrong opinion about yourself.

Therefore, do not be afraid to admit your excitement – this is natural. When listing the companies in which you worked, it is better to focus not on their number, but on those skills that you managed to acquire. Then the future boss will be able to objectively evaluate your true merits.

2. Inadequate appearance

Gone are the days when a short skirt and a neckline could become a pass to a prestigious company. The modern leader needs not only female charms, but also a female mind, business acumen, professionalism, and charm.

Therefore, it is important to make the first impression, because, as you know, it is precise “they are met by clothes” (see “ How Appearance Affects Careers ”). The best option would be a business suit, but moderately conservative (see ” Business image of a man and a woman “). An elegant blouse can decorate it, and well-chosen shoes will complete the image.

Of course, you should think about a hairstyle, because a luxurious mane does not fit in very well with a business look. Of course, even the slightest delay is unacceptable. And finally, no escort! A future employer needs to get to know you personally, and not with “mothers,” “nannies,” or “bodyguards.”

3. Excessive zeal

When you come for a position that is important to you, you do not need to demonstrate fanaticism and reckless devotion to the future. Slogans such as: “We don’t need money – let’s get work done!” On the contrary, a potential boss may have a misconception about your priorities.

Especially if the young candidate insists that she will never go on maternity leave or that the family and children will not take much time from work.

4. Frivolous attitude

Another equally important mistake will be on the part of a woman if she demonstrates excessive frivolity during an interview. She will answer quickly and without hesitation, casually say that she is here for a short time or has not yet decided whether she likes this company or not. And the fact that the interlocutor doesn’t disconnect the mobile phone will be at the very height of frivolity, but on the contrary, five times different subscribers will chirp: “Don’t call me – I’m at the interview”.

5. Exaggeration of their true merits

Women tend to strive to please everyone. But when it is not about appearance, but business qualities for a future career, then maximum honesty is important as the basis for future trust between her and her employer.

If a woman claims to be fluent in a foreign language but is silent that this only applies to perfume boxes, then this can put her in an awkward position in the future.

When the applicant says that she is a confident user of basic computer programs, then it’s not about social networks and dating sites, but about the ability to collect and transform information.

It is very important to understand that when choosing a candidate for the coveted position, the boss will rely on professionalism, and if you do not have one yet, then it will be more honest to admit this immediately at the interview. It is better to assure that you are fully trained, and most importantly, strive to learn everything new.

6. The obsession with money

When a young lady at her first interview is afraid to ask about working conditions, including material, this is excusable: she is still too inexperienced. A more experienced applicant should not be shy, on the contrary, it is much better to demonstrate that she knows the value of her professional skills.

However, sometimes some especially mercantile ladies begin to bargain, as in a bazaar, literally evaluating each of their actions from material positions. Of course, the employer is unlikely to like it, and he prefers to look for a not so petty young lady.

7. Disinterest in conversation

The word “interview” means a reciprocal process. Therefore, it is important not only to thoroughly and thoroughly answer the questions of your future boss, but also to ask about the features of your future work, demonstrating not only knowledge of the labor market, knowledge of information, but also personal interest.

If a woman who came to a meeting answers monosyllabic questions without specifying anything at the same time, one might get the impression that she is not very interested in this meeting. But too much curiosity will be completely inappropriate: suddenly the boss will think that you are working for competitors.

It is necessary to behave with restraint, but not to show indifference. Even if you are not immediately approved, it is important to thank you for the time spent on you and leave information about yourself in case you still decide to hire. And most importantly: if the interview did not bring the desired results, it is important to correctly evaluate your behavior and analyze all the mistakes and mistakes that have been made so that you don’t have to repeat them anymore.

A very important weapon of a woman is the ability to “hold her face.” Even if you are upset, do not say offensive words and demonstrate your despair. It is better than to cry on the shoulder of a friend or husband in the corridor but to leave the office with his head held high.

It is quite possible, it may happen that the employer changes his mind and still chooses you. And if the future boss is a woman, then you never need to demonstrate your superiority in youth or beauty. Otherwise, you will not see the treasured place!


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