7 Rules of a Strong Man

7 Rules of a Strong Man

How to pump the inner strength of a person and get rid of fears that interfere with life?Β To do this, you must adhere to a number of simple rules of strong people.

How to pump internal strength

To create and strengthen high nervous strength, you must remember the following:

Don’t run from fear

Analyze it and perceive fear only as a physical feeling.Β The fear that we are afraid to look into the eyes can kill us.

Observe your fears and understand that you must not succumb to them.Β Think of them as the movie you saw and the movie.Β What you see on the screen does not really exist.Β Fear will come and go just like the frames on the screen if you do not persevere it.

Do not live in the past

Remember – it’s never too late to start over.Β But in order to start changing, you need to let go of the past.Β Do not live with the burden of past losses and failures.Β This is all gone.Β Live for today.Β Build your life on a new basis, letting go of all the negative forever: let it become the property of the past.

Do not waste your energy on feeling self-pity

Understand, this is a complete waste of energy.Β Self-pity, resentment makes you move in a circle, return again and again to the same bitter thoughts. For years, a sense of resentment stored in the soul can even lead to cancer.Β It is foolish to punish yourself now if someone has offended you in the past.

Let go of the past through a sense of forgiveness

Forgiveness is goodbye.Β Farewell to feelings of bitterness and resentment, a feeling of pain.Β Farewell to the situation as a whole.Β And on the contrary, the state of unforgiveness actually leads to the beginning of destructive activity in ourselves – for years, accumulating bad thoughts ultimately turn against their master.

Don’t dwell on thoughts of bad

Think and talk about what’s good in your life.Β Turn your thoughts in a positive direction.

Plan for every day as many activities as possible that could give you pleasure.Β Leave time to go to the theater or read a book.Β Go to the birthdays of friends and relatives, attend anniversaries, exhibitions and other entertainment events.Β Do not force yourself to have fun until you drop – just go there.

Help people

Help other people, and you will feel that it becomes easier for you.


No matter how you feel, keep your head high and act as if you are a safe person.Β If you are truly armed with the will and desire to overcome your troubles – believe me, luck will not take long.


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