Anthony Robbins Success Story


Anthony Robbins Success Story

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Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins

Anthony Jay Mahavorick (Anthony Jay Mahavorick) is known worldwide as an unrivaled personal growth motivator, a psychologist practicing neuro-linguistic programming, and a gifted writer. He is the author of super popular books on life coaching, two of which are “ Wake up the giant in yourself ”and“ The book about self-power ”- translated into Russian.

Creator of the coaching industry. His motivational seminars, audio lectures, video courses, and books have changed the lives of about 50 million people from 80 countries. According to Forbes magazine for 2007, Anthony Robbins is among the 100 most influential celebrities.

Why He Did Charity Work

Anthony Jay Mahavorick was born February 29, 1960, in California, in the Los Angeles area called North Hollywood, but soon moved with his parents to another city. When he was 7 years old, his parents divorced. After some time, his mother married Jim Robbins, and Tony took his last name.

After the parents divorced, the boy and his mother were left almost without a livelihood. Father did not support them financially, and the family eked out a miserable existence. It was then that an incident occurred that made Tony believe that the world is not without good people. Once, thanksgiving, when a festive table is set up in every American home, Anthony’s mother didn’t have money for even the most modest dinner. And then a miracle happened: there was a knock on their door, and a stranger handed them a basket of food.

We can say that this event turned the life and worldview of the boy upside down. He experienced a real shock: someone worried about their family and tried to arrange a holiday for them. And when Tony grew up and, having achieved worldwide recognition, began to earn a lot of money, he established a non-profit fund to help the homeless and poor, as well as the international organization Basket Brigade, through which it annually transfers products to more than one million people in 9 countries of the world.

According to an eyewitness, after one seminar held in Los Angeles, Robbins donated enough money to the city’s charitable foundation to provide food for 40 thousand people.

The Best Student Of The Best Teachers

According to the recollections of Robbins himself, at the age of twenty, renting a miserable apartment in Los Angeles, he dreamed of his own big house. How could he have imagined that at the age of 24 he would become a millionaire and be able to buy the luxurious Del Mar Castle mansion, paying $ 1.7 million for it? Dreams come true, but for this, you need to work hard.

Robbins’ career began in a small publishing house. It soon turned out that he had excellent abilities to sell and communicate with customers, and in the publishing business, as in any other, this is very much appreciated. Not surprisingly, the career of a young employee went uphill, his income grew, and quite quickly he took the post of director.

While working in a publishing house, the young man met Jim Ron, a well-known business coach, speaker, and author of many books on the psychology of self-development and success. Robbins became his assistant, sold tickets to his seminars, and absorbed new knowledge. The main thing that he learned from working with a mentor is that happiness and success do not depend on what a person possesses, but on how he lives.

Anthony’s next teachers were John Grinder, a well-known American linguist and co-author of neuro-linguistic programming, as well as speaker Tolly Birken, who taught walking on fire, which symbolized overcoming himself and his inner boundaries.

After some time, having received the necessary knowledge and skills, having studied, according to his admission, 700 books on psychology, Robbins began independent work in the field of psychology.

He taught the basics of NLP and Erickson’s hypnosis, and he was able to simplify the complex theory of NLP by making it accessible to the general public. Teaching the basics of NLP Robbins combines with firefighting skills. As a result, those who attended his seminar have the ability to walk barefoot over hot coals.

Books That Turned The World Upside Down

The “Book of Self-Power”, published in 1987, and the next one, “Awaken the Giant in Yourself,” brought the author worldwide fame. Millions of people have read and continue to read them, and the ideas that Robbins develops help to change themselves and their lives, control their feelings and emotions, get rid of fears, strengthen health, learn how to build relationships with other people, achieve financial well-being, become more successful, free and happy.

Robbins calls his methodology the science of neuro associative conditioning – NAO, which allows you to adjust the nervous system in such a way as to achieve your goals without the extra effort of will. And he gives four algorithms for achieving success: 1) understand what you are striving for; 2) act; 3) analyze what helps to move forward and what slows down; 4) change approaches until you get what you want.

Change Workshops

In 1997, Anthony Robbins led the Academy of Leadership and to this day remains its permanent leader. The seminars that this modern guru holds are already attended by three million people from many countries of the world.

His personal coaching costs $ 1 million a year, and you need to sign up for it and wait for a meeting with the teacher for two years. But this does not stop those who want to get a personal consultation.

Among the students of Robbins are Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev, Olympic champion in tennis Andre Agassi, businessmen, bankers, aristocrats. And in recent years, Russians have become frequent with him. For example, this year 350 of our compatriots attended the workshop “Unlock your hidden potential”, which was held in London.

According to seminar participants, Robbins emits incredible energy that no video can transmit. His influence on people is huge, many consider him a genius.

The highest level of Robbins is confirmed by various reputable corporations, which include him in the list of “50 best business intellectuals in the world”, called one of the “200 modern business gurus”, as well as one of the “6 best business leaders in the world in the field of coaching”.

Wives and children

As a teenager, Anthony was overweight – obviously, the lack of money in the family and, as a result, malnutrition affected it. By his own admission, he was a short fat man. Today, looking at this 55-year-old man who looks thirty, tall, with an athletic figure, you understand that he is proving the validity of his ideas not only with his famous eloquence and millions in his accounts but also with all his beautiful appearance.

Since he was able to make himself so, he will surely help others on the path to happiness and prosperity.

Anthony’s first wife, whom he married at 24, was 14 years older than him. She bore him a son. By the way, she had three children, whom Robbins raised, raised, and considers relatives. The second time he got married at 40. And now happier than ever. According to him, for the opportunity to live with Sage, he would not hesitate to give everything he knows and knows.


Many years ago, Robbins survived a betrayal. At that time he was already a successful businessman and at the same time conducted the training. Two acquaintances offered to completely take over the management of his business so that he could completely surrender to his beloved life-coaching.

As a result, one of the managers appropriated $ 250 thousand and brought the company to bankruptcy. Robbins paid 762 thousand dollars of debt and rose to an unattainable height.


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