Can a Woman Become a Good Leader?


Can a Woman Become
a Good Leader?

Women still have to prove that they can lead a team no worse than men. Opponents of women leaders find them too emotional and unpredictable. Nevertheless, the female ability to switch and the desire for an ideal result are undeniable.

It is strange that in our time this issue has not yet lost its urgency, and we still need to prove that a woman can be a good leader – just like a man. In fact, by and large, such a statement of the question is offensive.

But nothing can be done – you have to answer it. Unfortunately, in the social aspect, society is not developing as fast and successfully as in the technical aspect, and many old stereotypes and prejudices prevail over people even in the 21st century.

Statistics blame

The HeadHunter Research Center conducted a survey of 3,659 people (58% women and 41% men), revealed a depressing fact: 64% of men would never agree to work under the leadership of a woman. Moreover, the respondents are not some kind of mossy retrograde, they are people with education, working in good positions, successfully building a career.

34% of respondents favorably perceive women in a managerial chair in such fields of activity as finance and accounting. Only 8% believe that women can be leaders in the field of medicine and pharmacy, and 7% do not see anything wrong with women heading hotels and travel agencies.

According to the same respondents, women should not seek high positions in the field of security, automotive business, and in the extraction of raw materials. Traits such as unpredictability and increased emotionality are considered the main obstacle.

Let them talk…

Despite the fact that a woman has long become a socially active member of society, many quite seriously argue that she is not able to achieve heights in her career, moreover, they say, this is not necessary, because her place is in the kitchen, children’s room and bedroom. Moreover, this is mainly thought by men. And no examples of successful women can convince them otherwise.

Well, let yourself remain in their delusions. We know that we are capable of much and by reason, will and many other qualities are not inferior to the stronger sex. Of course, there are differences between us, and some female character traits can be perceived as a disadvantage. But who better than us can turn their flaws into virtues!

Pluses of women leaders

So, let’s see what “indicators” we can give odds to men.

Female instinct

By nature, a woman is destined to keep the hearth and continue the race. That is why we perceive each of our projects as a brainchild, in which it is not a pity to invest all our forces. We do our favorite work with the same joy as babysitting children. And they, having learned a lot of maternal love, grow up successful and happy. In the same way, a business that has been given a lot of effort and time brings excellent results.


Only women are able to simultaneously do several things: prepare dinner and help the student do their homework, keep in mind the list of necessary purchases in the supermarket and figure out the theses of tomorrow’s speech at the chef’s morning for five minutes. Our mind is a kind of diary, where all the actions for every day for a week are written, including household chores and work responsibilities.

Men mistakenly believe that such a multidisciplinary profession prevents a woman from focusing on work and being an effective leader. Naive! It is difficult for them to simultaneously control several areas of activity. We easily switch from one task to another.


Raising a child, caring for him, a woman tries to do everything as best as possible. From here comes our innate perfectionism, the subconscious desire in all matters to reach perfection, paying attention to every little thing.

This is seen by many as our shortcomings, which seriously impedes the fulfillment of leadership functions. Say, behind the little things we do not see the whole. But is it possible to create an ideal whole without carefully considering its components?

Our perfectionism is directly related to scrupulousness, responsibility, and efficiency. A woman will never leave the unfinished business, while many male leaders can easily leave their work early for another bachelor party for any reason or if their favorite football team has a decisive match.

Stress resistance

To survive childbirth and return to normal life as if nothing had happened, this requires a special arrangement of the psyche, the ability to withstand extreme stresses. Well, nature itself took care of this. As a result, women are much easier to tolerate psychological stress, not as fatal as men, they suffer defeats.

In any case, failing, we do not resort to mass-saving alcohol and do not indulge in all serious ways. It’s not so easy to knock us out of the rut. Moreover, in our arsenal, there are a lot of completely specific, feminine ways to get in order: running around the shops, going to the hairdresser, and finally signing up for a massage. Or just get together with friends and arrange a session of collective psychotherapy.


A woman, again by virtue of her nature, is easier to adapt to changing conditions. This is an excellent quality, testifying to the plasticity of the psyche, the flexibility of thinking. We are always able, having assessed the situation, to understand whether it is necessary to continue to insist on our own or is it nevertheless wiser to listen to the opinions of others. Men call such feature opportunism that makes it difficult to be a good leader.

In fact, thanks to our own adaptability, we recognize our mistakes more easily and change our leadership style for the common good. Meanwhile, a typically masculine trait – rigidity, that is, the unwillingness to change the line of behavior in accordance with the circumstances – is unlikely to benefit both the leader and the project he leads.


Men often accuse us of cunning and deceit. It is difficult to object to anything but one: in fact, we are not cunning and treacherous, but diplomatic. Centuries of inequality and oppression have forced us to master the diplomacy of relations brilliantly – otherwise, we would not have survived in this male world. And so we are able to gradually achieve the desired. Therefore, the team is led gently and flexibly.


Nature has formed in us the ability and desire to sacrifice our interests for the sake of the child. Lack of sleep, give the best piece, forget about yourself in order to grow up healthy and happy offspring.

But this quality helps not only in the family but also in the career. A woman is more strict with her subordinates and demanding of them, but at the same time, she cannot be blamed for her indulgence. She always shows an example of how to work, for which she is valued at the company. And one more thing: we are less ambitious – for us, the success of the matter is more important, but not self-affirmation.


Yes, we are emotional. We can burst into tears upon hearing criticism of a negligent subordinate. Men in revenge will call it hysteria and bitchiness. But we know that emotionality is directly related to empathy – the ability to empathize – and intuition.

Due to the increased emotionality, we evaluate events not only with the mind, but also with the heart, and thanks to intuition we feel what is best to do in a given situation. For the leader, it is of great quality. We are also more responsive and inclined to help people in difficult times.


We are taught to get rid of this character trait. But in the work, it is not so bad, because it means that we remember which of the subordinates did what and when. So, we understand who you can rely on, and who not. And the list of grievances that we keep in mind is actually not intended for revenge, but to always be in good shape, not to relax and not to repeat mistakes.

In approximately this vein, one can answer the question of whether a woman can become a good leader. So, dear women, don’t get lost, don’t listen to anyone and, if you have such a goal, take the leading chair. Sitting in it, you can bring great benefits both to the cause and to the country.


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