Do I Really Need Pet Insurance?

Is It Necessary To
Ensure PetsΒ 

Tatyana Kononchuk, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus on Ecology, Nature Management, and

the Chernobyl Disaster:
– I believe that voluntary insurance should be developed in all areas. Including pet insurance. In case of loss or illness, for example. The situations are different. For example, my parents used to hold both a cow and a horse. Be sure to insure them. If something happened, they could count on insurance payments. Even buy a replacement for them.

Gleb Eidin, veterinarian:
– As a doctor, I believe that this is necessary. And he repeatedly recommended that people insure their pets. Because there are diseases in which animals need to do quite expensive operations. And not always from their income, their owners can afford it. So this month in my practice there was such a case. Due to the fact that people did not have enough money to treat the dog, they were forced to go to another clinic to euthanize it. And if the animal was insured, then we would have more opportunities to save it.

Victoria Kustova, engineer:
– My husband and I insured our pet – we have an American Staffordshire Terrier. For 1500 Belarusian rubles the dog itself and 1000 for veterinary expenses. We paid about 120 Belarusian rubles for insurance. It is convenient and profitable. The last time, for example, when we went to the veterinarian, the dog suddenly became ill in the evening, he began to cough, to behave uneasily. We went to the veterinary clinic, he was taken pictures, diagnosed with a nursery cough, prescribed treatment … After the dog recovered, they contacted an insurance company, enclosed all the checks and the doctor’s opinion. The case was recognized as insurance and all expenses were reimbursed.
Tatyana Zhishkevich, Leading Specialist of the Department of Insurance of Property

Interests of Citizens of Belgosstrakh:
– Mandatory. me, by the way, is also a dog – a 6-year-old schnauzer named Gerda Frau. Immediately after its appearance, I issued several types of insurance. In case of loss or death of the pet and veterinary expenses. Plus insured its civil liability to the owner of the animal. I consider insurance contracts as protection for my dog ​​and myself from financial losses.

One must do research to gain the most appropriate pet protection to one’s claim pet. Doing research frequently prompts money related investment funds and monitoring what is the most comprehensive arrangement for you and your pet. Here are a few rules in settling on a tweaked pet consideration protection:

1. Analyze pet consideration insurance agencies. This may help you to locate the most cost-effective pet guardian for you.

2. Put aside a sum for pet consideration. Putting aside a sensible total for social insurance may shield you from unanticipated episodes of your pet.

3. Investigate your neighborhood for ease veterinarians which offer indistinguishable administrations of the more costly veterinarians. The basic thing will be the administration that you require is finished.

4. It won’t hurt in the event that you request tests. Like human protection care, pharmaceutical organizations offer free examples to decide whether their items work. Check with your veterinarian in the event that they have free examples.

5. Diet. Likewise, with individuals, it tends to be more affordable for pets if their weight is viewed as sound, rather than being too thin or hefty.

6. Completely check over your protection strategies before marking. It is prudent to know about the fine print in pet consideration protection strategies so you can completely grasp the incorporation and prohibitions inside the strategy.

While pet protection probably won’t look indispensable presently, trust me when I say, that as a pet proprietor myself this is something which can spare you from both mental and money related despair if and at whatever point you have a wiped out or seriously harmed pet and are looked with enormous vet bills to guarantee your pet of the most ideal consideration and treatment.

Tamara Tsarikovskaya, director of the enterprise β€œFauna of the city”:
– In my opinion, it is necessary to ensure animals. For example, we have a hotel for pets. And we also offer such a service to all the owners of our guests. As well as the liability insurance of the owner of the animal. Suppose a dog can play, stain, or tear clothes to a casual passerby. Or in the countryside to bite the neighboring chickens. With the help of insurance, you can calmly resolve such unpleasant situations and recover material losses.


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