Good Coffee For Lazy People

Two Ways to Brew Great Coffee at Home, With a Minimum of Effort

I already feel that after this publication, experts will begin to write in the comments that brewing coffee is an art, that you can’t just take and make good coffee at home, etc. etc. I do not believe it!
But, we are simple people, therefore our attitude to everything is simpler! Therefore, let’s brew a great, delicious coffee right at home, without sophisticated equipment and extra troubles!

The first way, let’s call it “Boiling Water and Coffee”

All we need is coffee, hot water, and a cup and saucer.
Yes, I’ll say right away that if you have freshly roasted coffee, great! If you have coffee that is a couple of months old – also good. If you have any other coffee, it doesn’t matter either! The main thing is that these are grains.

We take a coffee grinder, plug it into a power outlet (although you may have a manual one), pour in the grains, and start grinding. It is not necessary to grind grain into dust in this method. We need an “average”! That is the average grinding, which resembles the size of semolina. Done?

Now we warm the kettle. Take soft water (maybe from a spring, or from a bottle from a store), tap water is usually hard, this will spoil the taste a little.

Does the kettle boil? – leave it to cool for three minutes, we definitely do not need boiling water! While you can take the cup and warm it with boiling water, pour the floor of a mug of hot water, and “untwist” it on the walls. The cup will warm-up, drain the water.

Now we fall asleep one and a half or two teaspoons of coffee, pour hot water, cover with a saucer for a couple of minutes. All! Our coffee is ready! Stir with a spoon, add sugar and milk/cream to taste. The coffee itself will settle to the bottom half a minute after stirring. Have a nice coffee!

The second way, let it be the name “Perfect Turk”

Everything related to coffee and water – remains unchanged, better fresh, better soft. But this time we grind the coffee as finely as possible, this time just to dust.
We take a Turku (in the worst case, a bucket), pour 2-3 teaspoons of ground coffee, add not boiled water, put on medium heat.

You don’t need to mix anything, it’s important! We wait until the coffee warms up and begins to rise. Reduce the fire to a minimum.
You will definitely notice how the β€œcap” of coffee creeps up, trying to escape from the Turks and fill with it the whole stove)))) As soon as it is ready to jump out of the edge of the Turks – remove from heat! We wait half a minute – put back. Repeat a couple more times.

Remove from heat. We put the Turk to “rest”, but for now, we warm the cup with boiling water. for the coffee from a Turk into it. Then sugar and warmed milk to taste. Nice coffee from the Turks!
Well, have a good day, and it can’t be bad, if you start it with coffee, there is such a sign, at least for me!Β 



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