How Can I Delay My Period?

Do You Want To Stop Menstruation?
Think Again!

Stop menstruation – starting from adolescence,ย menstruationย accompanies a womanย every month until the onset of menopause when her reproductive function is completed.
If critical days arrive late or last longer than usual time, this may indicate the presence of hormonal imbalance or problems with the reproductive organs.

Each girlโ€™s menstrual cycle has its own characteristics, for some abundant and prolonged periods are the norm, and for others, it is a pathological condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Every woman should know how to urgently stop menstruation if they have already begun at home with the help of folk remedies and drugs.
In addition, you should be aware of when stopping regulation is allowed, and when such actions can be hazardous to health.

When it becomes necessary to stop regulation

Before looking for methods that will help stop the already begun discharge, you should know the reason why the regulation lasted for a long period.

If a woman wants her periods to stop earlier for one day or even for several hours, for example, in order to go on a date or go on vacation without additional discomfort, it is necessary to find out whether her amateur health condition allows such an initiative.

There are a number of physiological and pathological reasons that can cause an increase in the duration of regulation.ย If a womanโ€™s menstruation was delayed due to the fault of one of them, there may be a need for a medical stop of copious discharge.ย Stop menstruation may be indicated in the following cases:

  • hormonal imbalance caused by progesterone deficiency;
  • improper functioning of the endocrine system, which was provoked by a lack of good nutrition, alcohol abuse, coffee, and nicotine addiction;
  • diseases of the genital area.ย In this case, severe bleeding can be caused by cysts and other neoplasms;
  • stressful situations and psycho-emotional instability;
  • excessive or insufficient body weight;
  • consequences of surgery;
  • menopause.

There are many methods using which you can stop your menstruation, but you should not resort to them just to go to a party or relax a little longer at sea.ย The artificial stoppage of the rules was justified only if it would help alleviate the condition of the woman or improve her health.

When stopping is prohibited

Menstruation is a hormone-dependent process, deliberate intervention in which can lead to dangerous and unpredictable consequences.ย During the menstrual cycle, all hormonal changes take place in a certain sequence.ย If it is violated, then adverse reactions are possible that will affect the operation of all systems in the body.

Before asking the doctor whether it is possible to stop the onset of menstruation, a woman should understand that such actions during a normal menstrual cycle can disrupt metabolic processes in the body, adversely affect the state of the immune system, and cause a malfunction of the thyroid gland and other endocrine organs.

And this, in turn, causes severe disorders of the menstrual cycle, leads to the complicated bearing of offspring or, in general, becomes the cause of infertility.

Due to hormonal disorders caused by artificial stoppage of menstruation, the risk of developing breast diseases increases, therefore, no specialist can recommend to his patient to stop the already started regular without serious reason.

Abundant periods can be a variant of the norm, and they should not be stopped in such cases:

  • if there are no additional pathological symptoms;
  • if previously there were no injuries to the abdomen;
  • if heavy and prolonged menstruation is a feature of the cycle of this woman;
  • if there are no signs of anemia, the head is not spinning, there is no weakness, and the woman does not faint.

In these cases, it is necessary to control the level of hemoglobin in the blood and take iron preparations and vitamins prescribed by the doctor to replenish the supply of trace elements lost during heavy blood loss.

When to stop bleeding is acceptable

Stopping menstruation is permissible in cases where the discharge has been going on for more than 8 days, as well as with heavy periods, the volume of which exceeds 100-150 ml.ย Heavy bleeding can cause anemia.ย With this disease, a woman loses her ability to work, the cardiovascular and nervous systems suffer.

Sometimes the cause of prolonged, abundant regulation can be a rigid diet or weak physical activity.
Before you suspend menstruation with medications, you should normalize your diet, make systematic sports, and walk more in the fresh air.

An emergency stop of menstruation may be needed in case of breakthrough bleeding caused by serious gynecological diseases such as endometriosis, uterine cancer or fibroids.ย In such cases, only a doctor can prescribe medication.

What ways to stop exist

There are various methods to reduce the duration of menstruation.ย If you want your menstrual flow to stop before 1-2 days, you can use hemostatic agents, many of which can be prepared urgently at home.

For a more radical stoppage of regulation, hormonal drugs are used that can simultaneously treat concomitant disorders.
Experts do not recommend using the medication method very often, so as not to harm their health with their prolonged use.

And alternative methods, although less effective, are able to reduce discomfort and intensity of menstrual flow with minimal harm to the hormonal background and reproductive organs.

Stop menstruation – a medical way

There are various ways to stop menstruation, but medications are the most effective.ย If necessary, they are prescribed by a gynecologist, and they are sold in any pharmacy.

Hemostatic medicines have many contraindications and adverse reactions, so you should not buy them on the recommendation of a girlfriend or at your own discretion.

Stop Menstruation – Birth Control

Birth control pills to stop menstruation for 1-7 days and to reduce their duration are used for medical reasons in cases where endometriosis, fibroids, anemia, diabetes mellitus, or postoperative bleeding are diagnosed.

The use of hormonal contraception will help to normalize the hormonal background, slow down the development of the disease, stop uterine bleeding, and eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or menopause.

Usually, a woman takes a birth control pill every day for 3 weeks and then takes a break for 7 days.

It is in this period that menstruation goes.ย If, after completing the intake, the next pack of oral contraceptives is started, menstruation does not begin, but this method of stopping the regulation greatly changes the hormonal background, so it cannot be used for longer than 2 cycles.

If before a woman did not use this type of contraception, then to stop the regulation, she needs 5 days before their expected onset to start taking Janine, Yarina, or Trikvilar drugs.

Stop Menstruation – Progesterone Drugs

There are drugs based on synthetic or natural progesterone that is used to stop menstruation, but they are not contraceptives.

This category of drugs includes Duphaston, Exluton, and Utrozhestan. Their intake should be started at least 5, at most 14 days before the expected regula, and stop drinking on the day when they should have ended.

Hemostatic agents

Hemostatic tablets thicken the blood, increase its coagulation, and improve the condition of blood vessels during menstruation. Using this medicine uncontrollably can cause blood clots to form in the vessels, in addition, drinking blood from stopping pills can cause the development of other even more serious adverse reactions from the digestive system and the autonomic nervous system.

To stop the regulation, the doctor may prescribe Vikasol, Tranexam, or Dickinson, but only after the patient has passed a blood test and her hemoglobin level is determined.


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