How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated?

How Do I Get Motivated Daily?

When you are just starting out in a fitness club, gym, or doing exercises at home, you are enthusiastic and look forward to your sporting future. Unfortunately, this attitude does not last long, and the desire to engage is gradually disappearing.

Maintaining motivation for doing sports and fitness is not easy, but quite real. Follow these simple guidelines and enjoy yourself.

Do not expect too much from yourself

The easiest way to lose motivation is not to get the desired results. But remember that if you are not a professional athlete, you will not succeed in achieving quick results, and this is absolutely normal. Training and exercises are more a way of life; they require regularity and consistency. Despite the goal you are pursuing, you must wait at least a month for the first significant results to appear.


Create a training program that will bring you pleasure. If you do not like to lift weights – exclude these exercises from your schedule. Don’t you like treadmill activities? So you do not need to do this. The best motivation for doing sports and fitness is a feeling of joy and satisfaction after a fruitful workout.

Remind yourself of the health benefits

On days when you are too tired and want to miss a workout, remember the benefits that physical activity and sports bring to your health. They not only bring your body into excellent shape, but also reduce the risk of heart disease, and also increase your life expectancy to five years.

How to start today and not finish tomorrow

Many people dream of always looking beautiful and being healthy. Such desires are absolutely normal. Most also know and understand that the easiest and surest way to achieve this goal is sports. However, most people do not go beyond these same desires and knowledge. But what makes it happen? The only problem lies solely in the people themselves and the internal attitudes that they give themselves.

Developing habits

To achieve any visible result, you must play sports for at least half an hour every day. But what to do? What if a person has absolutely no extra 30 minutes a day or physical activity during this time seems to him incredibly exhausting?

Often, in all sorts of instructions, sometimes even for beginners (!), It is written that you need to do as much as an hour and a half every day. But where to get so much time and energy? Everything is much simpler than it might seem.

Any regular physical activity begins, it is enough to devote only 5-10 minutes a day to this. The main factor here is regularity. These light exercises, the level of normal charge, will not help you gain a Schwarzenegger figure or lose your extra pounds, but they will develop in your brain the main habit: to do it every day. And then, when you get used to it, perhaps half an hour will seem to you not so scary.

“I can’t force myself!” – if such a thought arises, then it is urgently necessary to get rid of it. We must try to overpower ourselves, find that occupation, which will be a joy. If running makes the distemper progress, then you should replace it with something else. Yoga, karate, sports dancing, everyone will be able to find such an active occupation that will appeal to him. And music can serve as a good accompaniment for training.

β€œBut why do I need all this?” – and such questions are already a sign of insufficient motivation. Usually, they arise in the heads of people who already have everything in order with their health, which so far simply has nothing to complain about.

But there are many things that not everyone knows about, and perhaps it is they who sometimes interfere with getting started.

  • Exercising improves health and reduces the risk of many cardiovascular and not only diseases. For example, people involved in sports are less susceptible to diabetes, strokes, cancer, or arthritis.
  • It has long been known that any beneficial physical activity increases life expectancy. Only 10-20 minutes of sport every day can increase life by as much as 2-3 years!
  • Exercise contributes to the production of hormones of joy, thanks to which the sport helps to strengthen tone and maintain a good mood.
  • Due to the production of the aforementioned hormones, a sports person less stresses himself and is easier to tolerate.
  • Sport increases the stamina of the body, which means that a person will be able to endure much greater loads, which will certainly make his life brighter and unforgettable.
  • The sport will also help maintain a youthful spirit and sometimes even body. We are all prone to aging, but regular training can extend the time when a person feels young and fresh.

Isn’t that good enough reason to play sports right now?

Do not count on the fact that everything will work out right away. You need to wait patiently and train, and, over time, everything will go as it should. The main thing is not to throw halfway. Because even the greatest athletes began with defeats, which did not stop them from reaching the heights they are now.


The life of a modern person is simplified to impossibility, and we do not need to be active. However, sports and fitness will not only help you lose weight and keep fit but also significantly improve the health and general condition of the body. Find your value and meaning in them, and motivation for training will certainly appear.


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