How To Become Better Using Your Brain 100%

How To Become Better Using
Your Brain 100%

Itโ€™s the 21st century, but people continue to live in ignorance of their capabilities.ย About 5% of people know what is written in this article and they use this knowledge to develop themselves and improve their lives.ย How to become better?

The Brain and its Structure

An ordinary person knows very little about the structure of the brain.ย You could even say that this topic is not interesting to humans.ย But when someone says that you can improve your life and develop your abilities, at times, using the brain, then interest quickly rises.

For example, a person does not know that his mind and brain do not work together.ย Therefore, we so often do not implement our plans at the beginning of the day.ย We just use ineffective ways to work with the brain.

Few people know, but the brain needs time to switch from one important task to another.ย In this case, you can work without a feeling of laziness.

It is important to give your brain 24 minutes to prepare for another activity.

The main thing you should do is prepare everything for the start of work and clearly formulate the task.

Inspiration is a product of the brain.ย More precisely, a signal that tells your consciousness that the work on solving the problem was completed successfully, and he can use the answer received.

Working with Memory and Learning Effectiveness

Our usual training is not effective.

The repetition method has long been outdated, and many successful people use modern teaching methods.ย They bring a quick and effective result.

Most methods relate to other techniques for remembering information.ย For example, you can use teaching methods using mnemonics.ย Such techniques will help to remember different information and ensure the quality of its memorization.ย You can also consider other non-standard teaching methods.ย Look for the main thing, and you will find it.

Information Noise

In today’s world, the human brain is attacked by hundreds of commercials and even more different unnecessary information.ย We will analyze each tool and its impact on our lives.


The main task of advertising is to sell.ย It may seem that you are entertained with some advertising, but this is not true.ย After all, the most stupid advertisement tends to be remembered more than others.ย It is safe to say that the human brain remembers everything.ย Therefore, if we say the same thing 100 times, then soon – it will become familiar to a person.


Aggression and a false view of the world occur after watching TV. There is also an advertisement and soap operas that kill our time.ย It can be said, much that we see on the TV screen, we begin to transfer to real life.ย Fashion, the situation in the world, history, the life of other people – all this we get from the TV.ย Itโ€™s bad that we donโ€™t check all this.

The Internet

Now they say that the Internet is freedom.ย But, like television, the Internet is stealing our time.ย We watch videos, communicate, play games, watch a variety of content, and we get very few results.ย Also, the Internet gives rise to many addictions and digital illness.ย Go out into the real world, there is also something to see.

Conduct an experiment – 3 days without the Internet.ย Believe me, it will be interesting to look at your dependence on technology.

How to Get Better with Meditation

It has long been proven that regular meditation exercises help you focus and find peace of mind.

There are studies that suggest that meditation helps stop internal dialogue and makes you more alert.

Most successful people apply this practice at the beginning and end of the day.ย It makes them more purposeful and enhances their willpower.

The main thing to understand is that meditation is simply a process that is not related to sitting in the lotus position, as television and other people inspire us.ย How to develop emotional intelligence?


I hope that after reading this article you can become much stronger.ย Explore the world around you and you can achieve fantastic results.


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