How To Deal With Laziness: 5 Effective Ways


5 Effective Ways To Deal With Your
Laziness and Become Effective

Universal ways to deal with laziness: What laziness is, everyone knows firsthand: who did not have to be lazy! Laziness is a lack of desire to do something.

There are many proverbs and sayings about laziness: “Man feeds labor, and laziness spoils”, “A lazy person asks in the middle of a river to get drunk”, “A lazy spinner and no shirt for himself”, etc. A lot of folk parables are also devoted to laziness, and traditionally laziness is considered a vice. To be lazy is bad, because “under a lying stone and water does not flow”, and the lazy, as a rule, live at someone else’s expense, that is, simply a parasite.

Laziness is called a thief stealing our time, ability, prosperity, and prestige. Someone from the great people rightly remarked: “Laziness weaves so slowly that poverty quickly catches up with it.”

In theology, laziness is one of the vices that underlie many sins, in particular despondency. And in the “Divine Comedy” written by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri, lazy people fall into the 5th circle of hell.
However, laziness is just a consequence and has its own reasons.

Possible causes of laziness

1. Fatigue, mental and physical exhaustion, low energy

All this causes a complete reluctance to do something. A person who has been working intensively for a long time can be lazy. In this case, laziness is his natural need for rest. No wonder translated from Latin the word “laziness” means “slow, lethargic.”

Apathy and lack of interest in any activity can serve as a warning about any “breakdown” in the body. For example, apathy appears with a lack of vitamins and minerals. Too greasy and plentiful food, constant overeating also makes a person lazy.

In addition, laziness can be one of the signs of depression.

2. Uninteresting task

When we say: “I will not do it because I am lazy,” deep down in our hearts we understand that the assigned task is uninteresting to us or we feel that it is unnecessary, therefore, we internally resist its implementation. At the same time, we are pulling time in every way, so as not to engage in what the soul does not lie to. After all, laziness is not necessarily doing anything.

A student who, to put it mildly, does not like his future specialty, prefers to aimlessly surf the Internet, spend hours talking on the phone, play shooting games, just not to do what he needs at the moment.

Another example: you can be lazy for years to learn a foreign language if a person understands that he will never be useful to him.

3. Perhaps the main reason for laziness is the lack of motivation

The human body is designed so that it itself motivates us to the actions necessary for our survival. Where basic instincts are present, laziness does not exist. For example, it is unlikely that a healthy person will be too lazy to eat if he is very hungry.

In more complex cases of behavior due to motivation or lack thereof, everything is not so clear. For example, an unemployed husband is lying in front of the TV, and an annoyed wife is ashamed of him and persuades him to look for work. But he is lazy, because everything suits him, except, of course, his wife’s notations. However, the pleasant opportunity to lie on the couch outweighs the irritation from her words, so he will continue to be lazy. Most likely, he will only budge when the lights are turned off for debts, the products run out, that is, when this situation no longer suits him and when he has motivation (unless, of course, the same wife continues to provide him).

This is too simple an example, but he says that if there is no motivation, then there is no energy, and a person becomes lazy.

Lack of proper motivation, for example, appropriate remuneration, career growth, on the part of management can lead to the fact that the whole team in any field of activity will “become ill”. And this disease is dangerous in that it progresses. In this case, each employee will wait for someone else to do his work, and not himself.

4. Dopamine deficiency

Some scientists have concluded that laziness can be inherited due to the laziness gene, which prevents the brain tissue from producing enough neurotransmitter called dopamine. Dopamine takes part in the formation of motivation and has an invigorating effect on the body. The lack of dopamine makes a person lethargic and inert.

5. Sloth is contagious

Spending too much time in a company with inert people, we risk being lazy ourselves and becoming the same.

Is it possible to overcome laziness?

In fact, there are many techniques for dealing with laziness. At the same time, some of the chronic lazy people came to the conclusion that it is impossible to fight laziness – but it can be used profitably by making friends with it. That is, not to waste energy fighting her, forcing himself to engage in uninteresting affairs, to work through “I don’t want to”, but to do less, but what he likes and leads to success.

In addition, it is believed that in most cases, the fight against laziness is the cause of neurosis. The loser in this fight is frustrated, dissatisfied, which ultimately can lead to depression.

However, why not try? Moreover, knowing the cause of our own laziness, it will be easier for us to do this.


1. Review the regimen of the day and nutrition

A person who is possessed by apathy, a lack of interest in something, and an unwillingness to do anything due to fatigue and a decrease in vitality, can not be forced to work until he returns to his previous form. So, he must rest and review the regimen of the day and nutrition.

Natural stimulants are used as a tonic for physical and mental overwork: tincture of Eleutherococcus, Chinese magnolia vine, and ginseng root.

At least minimal physical activity will help get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome.

2. Take a closer look at the people around us

If it turns out that we copy their behavior and easily succumb to the influence of others, in particular, we adopt the habit of idly spending our time, it is worth gradually changing the environment. No wonder they say that the king makes the retinue.

3. Motivate yourself

To defeat laziness, you need to have a decent incentive and clearly imagine the benefits of our actions, that is, the motivation that will serve us as a driving force on the path to the intended goal.

4. Sometimes still lazy

There is a parable about laziness: one person after death ended up in a wonderful place where you could do nothing, just enjoy delicious food and get all kinds of pleasures. And so in idleness time passed until such a life bored a person. And he asked a creature passing by in white robes, when would he be able to do at least something, because such a life is worse than in hell. To which the creature replied: “And what do you think, where did you go?”

Thus, if you sometimes want to be lazy, you need to provide yourself with such an opportunity. After some time, idleness will bore us, and we ourselves will develop a vigorous activity.

5. Often remind yourself that life is short and there is no time to be lazy

Sometimes it’s worth making an effort on yourself and instead of saying “I have to do this”, say to myself: “I want to do this”, because “the road will be overpowered”. Otherwise, if we do not learn to manage our lives ourselves, there is a great risk that someone else will manage it. And not always worthy of trust and respect.


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