How To Get a Flat Stomach Without Training

Five Quick Ways To Get a Flat Stomach
Without Training

The stomach is a very strange thing. It seems that he is not there, but he always is on holiday photos, in the most unsightly form he hangs over trousers or rollers and sticks out of a chic dress.
Yes, somehow the dice did not happen again this year. But there is still a chance to fix it. Specialists give simple tips on how to remove excess folds on the stomach.

Download Press In The Subway and Supermarket

Download the press in the subway, in the office or in the store? Easy! And you do not need to carry a training mat with you. We pump the press almost by the power of thought: as soon as you think about it, pull your stomach in. So, on the inspiration we draw in the stomach as much as possible, count to 30, exhale. Repeat 20-30 times.

If you do not forget to do this simple manipulation at least 5-7 times a day, then this will be enough to tone the muscles and arrange yourself a little training. This type of physical activity without movement is called gymnastics, is called fitness trainer Elena Titova.

The muscles get working by steadily repeating contractions and being in a reduced state for some time. Of course, this can not be compared with a real “rocking chair”, but for the daily maintenance of tone is the most.

Keep your back

It is because of the limp shoulders and bent down that your tummy looks even more flabby and protruding than it really is. But this is not only a visual effect – incorrect posture weakens the muscles of the back and the oblique muscles of the abdomen. Slouching people always look older than their years and less athletic compared to those who walk with their heads held high.
So here is another exercise for every day: every time you see a mirror, straighten your shoulders, raise your chin, stretch your neck up. Like yourself more? Well, of course. Just don’t β€œbe blown away,” but always bear your back straight and proudly, reminds
Orthopedic and Traumatologist Sergei Goryachev.
And the weakened back muscles are easily pumped up using a regular office desk. Stand with your back to him, leaning against the edge with your hands, and slowly squat 10 times.

Do not eat β€œsecond fresh” foods

It is proved that loose and loose skin makes an excess of simple carbohydrates in the diet. Try to minimize the use of white bread, pastries, polished white rice, pasta. However, fiber (oatmeal, prunes, apples) and proteins (lean meat – turkey, rabbit, chicken breasts, boiled beef) support skin tone.
But, in addition to the composition of the product, the freshness of food also affects the elasticity of the press. What confirms the
study of scientists from Stockholm.

Several hundred female volunteers were divided into three groups. The first one used exclusively fresh food – only from a trusted supermarket. The second group was fed the same calorie and composition food that lay for several hours in the refrigerator.
The diet of the third group of girls consisted of dishes that β€œhung up” on the refrigerated shelves for several days before getting to the table.

After a year of the experiment, it was even visually noticeable that almost all the participants lost weight, but in the first and second groups the girls were very taut, but in the participants of the third group the muscles became less elastic, and the abdomen was flabby.

As experts explain, this nuisance is caused by the use of products in which the fermentation process began. Fermentation products worsen the production of collagen – a substance responsible for the elasticity of tissues, including the muscles of the abdomen. In addition, long-lying products are worse digested and emit more toxins, which also spoils the appearance of the skin.

Start Your Morning With Clean Water.

Gastroenterologists advise every morning, as soon as you got up, stretched, drink a glass of plain water (you can drink lemon juice if the stomach acidity is not high and there is no tendency to heartburn).
It is this simple way that will help to properly start the process of bile production and intestinal function (which will help keep the stomach in good shape, avoid bloating).

Drink Green Tea

And during the day, drink good green tea. It has long been considered a faithful ally of the flat stomach, because it contains catechin, an antioxidant that helps burn fat, especially in the abdominal area (that is, in the abdominal cavity). The fat that accumulates around the waist differs in composition from what, say, is deposited on the hips, says Endocrinologist Natalia Gridasova.

This fat is very dense and its cells are not easy to β€œbreak”. But the active substances of green tea catechins, set up the metabolism so that it aims at the maximum processing of fats, including abdominal fat.
In addition, this drink is a mild diuretic, which means it helps to remove excess fluid from the body, which β€œdries” the tissue, and the stomach looks less friable.


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