How To Increase Concentration?


How To Increase Concentration

In the life of every person there are situations in which he loses his concentration of attention. For example, after reading half of an article or a couple of pages of a book, a person does not remember at all what was said there. At such moments, attention is simply disconnected or focused on something else. When reading fiction, it’s perfectly normal to skip about 30% of the information. However, when reading the necessary literature for work or study, attention still needs to be fully concentrated. As an example, you can take the same situation in which people are in the company and at some certain moment, the thoughts of a person fly away somewhere.

Concentration in psychology

Our brain, like a computer, constantly analyzes a huge amount of information. For the most complete picture of what is happening around him, he needs to take into account as many details and nuances as possible. In addition to actual objects and phenomena, previously accumulated experience and information are also taken into account. Most of this work, the person himself is not aware of, it happens in the subconscious. But a significant part we comprehend.

Concentration of attention is the ability to comprehend one thing at a particular moment in time, not allowing informational noise to distract consciousness from the main thing. Different people have this ability in varying degrees. Extraneous irritants, multitasking, a large number of unsolved tasks distract our consciousness from the current action. How to increase concentration, read on.

6 Ways to Increase Concentration


Planning a day allows you to better focus on tasks. There are a huge number of gliders for every taste and color. You should not fill every second of your time with any business, since leaving time to rest is also not unimportant.

It is enough to plan the main tasks, distributing in the morning, day, and evening. Of course, there is a chance not to complete the entire list, but most will be fulfilled thanks to the planning. It also helps to better manage your time resources.

Mental Rest

Allow yourself not to think about anything for a while. Play a relaxing game on the phone or enjoy a cup of tea. It is better not to enter social networks, as they carry a lot of unnecessary information. Information noise only leads to distracted attention and loss of concentration.

Give up Multitasking

It’s also worthwhile to refuse to perform several tasks at the same time. It is impossible to productively and efficiently carry out a task without full concentration on it. The brain spends a huge amount of energy by switching between tasks. This leads to headaches, insomnia, and even convulsive overeating.

Organize Your Workplace

A clean and organized space is much more efficient in adjusting to the desired working mood. Distractions, in general, are divided into two types: internal and external. Internal are thoughts and emotions. External is a cluttered desktop, a noise coming from others, stale air, etc. The workplace must be kept clean. It’s a good habit to clean the work area every time after the end of the working day.


How to cope with internal factors i.e. emotions and feelings? This is where meditation comes to the rescue. This is a great way to achieve inner peace. Starting from 5-15 minutes is enough, as meditation is not easy. For the first time, a person does not always enjoy, everything comes with experience.

Get enough sleep

The brain, like muscles, needs rest to recover. About an hour before going to bed, you must turn off all electrical appliances, such as a laptop, phone, tablet, etc. It is better to read a book that will help to relax.

6 Exercises for Concentration

The skill of concentration is a trainee. Such a skill is very useful because the consistent solution of tasks involves a significantly higher quality of their solution. The development of concentration is available to almost everyone.

For an effective workout, the first thing you need to start is to determine the time for daily training. At the same time, it is necessary to concentrate on it during the training session. At this time, there should be no distractions – household chores, children, TV, phone, and so on.

For starters, you can perform several simple exercises for half an hour a day for about five minutes each.

Concentrate on The Line

On a piece of paper with a pencil, slowly draw a line, focusing only on it. As soon as something else appears in your thoughts, mark the line with a splash (like a cardiogram). Continue the line for several minutes. Over time, the peaks of the cardiogram will become smaller.

Remember all

Recall in detail everything that happened during the day, how morning passed, what was on the way to work, what were the meetings, what were the conversations, what were the things done. All this needs to be “scrolled” in the brain as if a movie.

Concentrated reading

Take a book, newspaper, magazine, and carefully reading, control your thoughts. Catch yourself if the brain is distracted by other thoughts. By an effort of will to return consciousness to the contents of the book.

Close observation

To stand at the window and carefully observe something on the street – moving clouds, the moon, swaying trees, moving cars, and so on. At the same time, think only about what is being monitored. If thoughts “go away” to the side, force yourself to return to the object of observation. It is enough to start with five minutes of concentration, then increase the duration of this exercise to 10-15 minutes.

Take a break From Everything

To do this, sit down, relax all the muscles, close your eyes, and not think about anything specific. Thoughts should randomly jump from one to another. If the thought of something specific appeared and lingered in the brain, by an effort of will to distract from it.

Focus On The Sound

Listen to any sound, such as the ticking of a clock. Do not think about anything and hear nothing but this sound.


In addition to these simple special exercises, you can train your attention concentration constantly throughout the day. It is necessary to make it a rule to force yourself to think only about what is being done at the moment. Whether a person is engaged in peeling potatoes, mopping, or writing a report, one needs to focus on that.

Of course, for such training during the day you need to have and develop willpower. But concentration is one of the components of willpower. Thus, concentration training also contributes to willpower training. The result will be higher uptime, better and faster task execution and problem-solving.


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