How To Learn English and Why?


How To Learn English and Why?

Today, English is an international language. In Western countries, almost every resident, in addition to his native language, also knows English. In Russia, he also began to gain popularity and enter into speech. It is used on television, in the name of goods, the names of organizations, in various working sectors, for example in programming. Today you will learn why and how to learn English

Why learn English?

There are several answers to this question:

  • Learning any foreign language helps a person learn a lot about the culture of another country.
  • Acquaintance with foreign languages ​​affects the mental development of a person. It is believed that the study of foreign languages ​​is one of the most effective ways of self-development.
  • There is an opportunity to expand their horizons, go on a trip to another country, and at the same time freely communicate with residents in their language. This is often very important since only the indigenous inhabitants of that place can tell its story as reliably as possible or help solve any problem that has arisen.
  • When applying for a job, knowledge of a foreign language, especially English, will be a high priority. This item is very important for many companies and allows the employee to get a more paid position.
  • Lovers of films and TV shows of foreign countries will have the opportunity to watch their favorite paintings in the original voice acting.
  • Knowledge of English helps to make new acquaintances with residents of other countries.
  • Connoisseurs of foreign music will be able to understand what the performer is singing about.
  • There are many foreign authors in the world whose books do not translate into Russian. Learning English will help you to read original works without translation.

How to learn English

Everyone can choose training for himself. You can try an independent study or seek help from specialists. When self-learning, the main thing is to find the right approach and draw up a clear plan of action.

Self-learning has its advantages. These include: saving money, setting your study schedule, selecting a personal program. But in the independent study of English, there are also disadvantages. Not everyone will be able to competently draw up a training program as a professional teacher. Parsing some material will also be more difficult without a detailed explanation.

Acquaintance with the language with the help of specialists will be more effective. It can be either online learning remotely or attending any courses. The positive aspects of this method include a competently drawn up work plan, assistance in solving obscure issues, completing ready-made tasks that correspond to the level of knowledge. Besides, some organizations arrange trips to other countries to communicate with native speakers of a foreign language in their environment.

Where to start learning English – 7 ways

To begin with, you should decide on the purpose where knowledge of English will be applied. Next, select the appropriate method.

There are many ways to learn foreign languages ​​on your own. These include:

  1. Audio lessons, on the Internet there is a large selection of them. An example is Dr. Pimsler’s method. This course teaches basic words and phrases that are often used in communication. It consists of 90 audio lessons and 21 reading lessons.
  2. Effectively affects the memorization of English speech by watching foreign films with subtitles. This method will be difficult for beginners, it is more likely to be suitable for people with a minimum set of knowledge of the language.
  3. Beginners can start by completing various tasks that are also publicly available on the Internet. For example, solving or compiling crosswords, correlating titles with pictures, composing dialogs, memorizing simple verses or songs, translating texts. Testing knowledge using tests.
  4. The main thing in understanding English is grammar. There are many self-study books, where for beginners in an accessible language all the basic rules are written. Usually, they are issued with a different level of complexity, from the simplest to the more complex. For those who don’t like to understand the rules of the English language on their own, the program “Polyglot” will come to the rescue. It includes a detailed analysis of the grammar and an explanation of the basics of the English language.
  5. Special books are published with famous works adapted for learning English. After each sentence, there is a translation and analysis of words.
  6. For self-study, some applications can be downloaded to a smartphone. There are paid offers with an expanded set of tasks, and there are free ones.
  7. All of the above methods are good in their way, but the most effective will be communication with a native speaker. There are sites where you can find yourself an interlocutor who also wants to tighten up the Russian language, and thereby communication will be mutually beneficial. This is a good way to not only learn the language as simply and quickly as possible but also make new acquaintances with interesting people.

You need to study English for at least an hour a day. It is advisable to alternate lessons, arranging a day for a break. After each lesson, the acquired knowledge should be consolidated in practice. Perform some tasks using the studied material. An important aspect of learning a foreign language is practice, learned phrases can be remembered only for a while, and their constant use will help to learn them as your native language.


Learning a foreign language does not have any term. Since it is constantly changing, something new is added, and it is impossible to learn all the words in a short period. Even the native speakers themselves do not know all the words in their native language. To learn how to freely own it, you need to invest a lot of effort and time and constantly maintain your knowledge in practice. Knowledge of a foreign language will help broaden your horizons, make new acquaintances, get a prestigious job, both in your homeland and abroad.


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