How To Stop Getting Angry: 5 Practical Exercises


How To Stop Getting Angry
5 Practical Exercises

Let’s look at how to stop getting angry and put into practice 5 practical exercises that will help to cope with a negative state.

All negative emotions: be it anger, irritation, or hatred, are always born from thoughts. Agree, before you start to get angry, you first scroll through an unpleasant situation in your head, for example, about how bad your boss is – he pays little for your work, or the children do not listen, and you do not know what to do about it. Drowning in negative thoughts, you will never get rid of anger and irritation.

Let’s see how you can break this vicious circle. You have to work on yourself, and it’s worth it. Imagine a crystal now. Would he have been admirable without a cut? So you must make an effort to shine.

6 common causes of anger:

Find your Anger is a powerfully destructive emotion, often emerging from mild irritation. This emotion is the result of dissatisfaction: one’s desires, expectations or actions. The problem is that dissatisfaction tends to accumulate, and flows into aggression. To the question: “How to stop getting angry and annoyed”, one could give a simple answer: “Do not expect anything, do not be attached to desires”, but it’s not so simple …

Please note No need to suppress negative emotions in yourself, “live” them. Of course without harm to others. If you want to cry – cry, scream – scream. Do not accumulate negative emotions in yourself, as they will only accumulate. Splash them and work on yourself along the way.

Let’s look at the causes of anger.


In the case of regular overwork, you should not be surprised that you are angry. Overstrain, exhaustion lead to the fact that a person can not concentrate on his thoughts, everything falls out of his hands, headaches and irritability appear. If at this moment in a person’s life unpleasant events occur or someone “pulls” him, he will get angry.

Unfulfilled expectations

“How to stop getting angry and annoyed at people if they do not live up to our expectations?” – a difficult question, but try to answer it. Very often, many of us simulate situations that could happen in life, and, as a rule, they are predicted by the most favorable outcome. So, for example, a girl can fall in love with a guy and imagine how they go down the aisle, or an athlete will imagine how he took 1st place in a sports competition. Expectations did not come true, anger appears.

If this reason is yours, work on yourself. You don’t need to want anything at all, besides, on the contrary, it’s useful to set yourself up for a favorable outcome, thinking about the good. But try not to be attached to the result, change your settings, say: “Whatever the outcome, everything will work out in my life in the best way.”

This is interesting: There is such a phrase: “Sometimes desires are best not to come true”, apply it to your life. Very often we ourselves do not know what we want, as a result – we live a strange life.

All kinds of prohibitions

This may include a variety of situations, mainly this item applies to adolescents with an unstable inner world and people with increased pride. A teenager often experiences a feeling of anger, because his parents refuse to let him go for a walk after 10 pm, forbid him to watch TV until he does his homework, etc.

Space violation

Each of us needs privacy, personal space. A place where no one would look. Anger can occur in a married couple if a man and a woman have to spend all the time together in a studio apartment. Love is certainly a wonderful feeling, but each person is a separate individual, and he needs to remain alone from time to time.

Even if you don’t have the opportunity to retire, and you understand that this is the reason for your anger, create a lounge corner in your house. For this, you may need only a couple of things: a comfortable chair, an aroma lamp, a player with relaxation music. Such a corner can be created even in a small apartment. Put a chair by the window, hang this canopy with a canopy, and every time you want to be alone, return to it.

Performing someone else’s work

It’s almost impossible to stop getting angry and annoyed when you do something contrary to your desires. If you don’t understand why you work late for the realization of someone else’s dream, or you make working drawings, although you dream of becoming a musician, anger cannot be avoided. Only you can break this vicious circle – stop doing what you don’t want and finally rush to where your soul lies.

Hidden anger

It is very useful to “let off steam” from time to time. So we are freed from the accumulated negative energy. But not everyone manages to “throw off” the oppression of negative emotions.

Some people tend to accumulate anger in themselves, so often it is destroying such destructive conditions as phobia, depression, and fear. This explosive mixture does not disappear but only grows. These emotions must not be allowed to prevail. If you can’t let everything go, as yogis can do it, just learn to say “No” and do more that you want, and not others.

Important: Understanding the factors leading to anger and aggression is extremely important. It helps to indicate ways to adequately eliminate negative circumstances or find a solution to minimize their impact.

How to stop getting angry: 5 exercises

To begin with, I want to share a scheme for managing anger and anger. So, how to curb your anger:

  • notice her early signs;
  • express your emotions;
  • if you feel that you are beginning to “boil,” take deep breaths and exhalations (such people practice in meditation) to remain in a “here and now” state;
  • notice what thoughts make you angry;
  • if it’s hard for you – ask for help, chat with someone on the psychological support forum;
  • if you are overworked – take a break. Your vacation will benefit not only you but also the bosses for whom you work.

To get started, take note of the items listed. Once you deal with the cause of anger and irritation, you can move on. If there are several reasons, make a plan. It may look like this: “I am angry because I have to work until 8 in the evening, I do not have time.” What can be done to make a difference? Paragraph 1: change work, paragraph 2: prepare dinner in advance, paragraph 3: stop being distracted.

You can always find a way out – try to see it.

5 life hacks to get rid of anger from psychologists.


At this point, everything is simple – abstract from the annoying factor that leads you to anger. If this is a person – stop interacting with him, if these are thoughts of something bad – release them, do not drive them in your head like a volleyball from one side to another. You should understand one truth – nothing will change from negative thoughts, but it is possible that your health will be undermined. Isn’t that your goal?

Learn to slow down

If you notice that your character has such a peculiarity as getting angry and angry at any occasion (what can you do, such a temperament!) Try to learn to restrain your impulse for 60 minutes.

Psychologists believe that the best method of keeping Jinn’s anger in a bottle is a “saving account.” Before you want to “flare-up”, count from 1 to 100. There is no 100% guarantee that you will calm down, but your emotions will come out in a more noble way.


Often this item is skipped, citing its ineffectiveness, but in vain! How can one be convinced of something without even trying?

Wanting to get rid of negative emotions: anger, irritation, you definitely need to learn how to meditate. During meditation, you calm your mind, forget about the problems, and they begin to seem not so significant.

If you don’t know how to stop getting angry and annoyed at people and situations, just make it a rule to meditate every day for 15 minutes. Turn on relaxing music, sit back and imagine what makes you feel good.

Transform yourself

To a person experiencing anger, everything is seen in black colors. Often, he exaggerates his life’s troubles, inadequately evaluates what is happening.

In this case, experts in their field recommend resorting to the method of “cognitive adjustment”. You are required to transform your consciousness, learn to find the pluses in everything. At first, this may seem like an overwhelming task, but over time you will learn how to do it. Start with simple things. Didn’t get to the party? Tell yourself: “How good, then I’m at home today, finally watch a movie.” And so with everything. Try to find the pros – they are always there.

Fix the feelings

You need to keep a diary (a regular notebook may come up), where you will record cases of your anger.

Write the following in it:

  • When do I get angry?
  • Why am I starting to get angry?
  • What made me angry? etc.

When fixing moments of anger, try to do it as detailed as possible, paint situations. For example: “I walked on the subway, someone stepped on my foot. I got very angry. ” Answer your question: “Why such a trifle made me angry?” Most likely, this trifle is only a by-product; in fact, you have some unresolved problems in your life. If you can not cope with them yourself – it is better to seek help. Specialists in their field help to sort out the problem and find ways to solve it.


As you see, anger is only incidental; it is not born from scratch. You can get rid of it only if you eliminate internal problems and change your life (if the current one does not suit you). Start acting now, who knows, maybe one day you will become a person shining from happiness from within and will teach the lives of those who are angry.


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