Male and female brains: 6 differences


Male and Female Brains: 6 Differences

Cold calculation against bright emotions: this is the stereotype of the difference between male and female thinking. Representatives of the stronger sex rely on logic, do not understand hints, and always think about sex. And women talk endlessly, remember all his mistakes and always notice a new hairstyle from a colleague. Are we so different? Consider how male and female brains work.

What is the difference between a male brain and a female

Listen and hear

Is he. He hears but does not listen. This is because men have increased activity of the left hemisphere in the temporal lobe, which is responsible for the ability to hear speech. Therefore, they do not take hints, but they literally hear what they were told. If you want to receive a specific gift, say so directly.

It. And hears and listens. In women, the activity of the temporal lobes of both hemispheres of the brain is increased, which allows you to connect analytical skills to solve problems. This affects the perception of speech – women analyze intonations, details and better capture hidden messages.

Vulgar Thoughts

Is he. “An animal that constantly thinks about sex” is a too exaggerated stereotype, but not baseless. Based on the widespread theory of “7 seconds”, which was refuted by scientists. Studies show that thoughts about sex occur in men on average 18 times a day. After all, this is one of the basic instincts.

It. It also experiences animal instincts, although it is often condemned by society. Women rarely discuss this, but they fantasize not much less – about 10 times a day. About the same amount of time is spent thinking about other basic needs – food and sleep, both sexes.

Attention and Sex

Is he. It has more testosterone, therefore it reacts faster to sexual signals and more often notices them. This hormone is responsible for sexual arousal, its production is subordinated to the hypothalamus, which in men is greater than in women.

It. Starts longer due to the smaller size of the hypothalamus. To excite a woman, you first need to do this with her brain. And given the ability to recognize hints of hearing, it becomes clear why women “love with their ears.”

From topic to topic

Is he. Thrifty, consistent, orderly. This is due to the strong connection of neurons within the hemispheres of the brain that process everything in order. Having completed one topic, men proceed to discuss another, without skipping. And they lose the thread of conversation if a lyrical digression suddenly appears.

It. He can talk for several hours on 5 different topics, without getting confused in them and calmly switching from one to another. This ability is due to a good interhemispheric relationship. Working in tandem, both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously process large volumes of information, accelerating thought processes.

Youth elixir

Is he. Aging faster. More precisely – his brain. According to one opinion, this is due to the amount of testosterone.

It. Forever young. That is, the structure of her brain is aging slower. However, the fault of the same sex hormones, and in this case of estrogen, leads to the death of neurons faster, which leads to neurodegenerative diseases.

Remember everything

Is he. Remembers the main points. And again, sex hormones – testosterone helps to remember only global things that are important and important for men.

It. Recalls even the smallest details. The female hormone estrogen allows you to store memories with special accuracy, emotional coloring, associations.

Become a superman

The difference in thinking and perception between men and women lies mostly in the difference in sex hormones. But the work of the brain depends not only on hormones. Its functions are formed in childhood, depend on the conditions of growth and development, and at the same time can be improved throughout life. Therefore, you can combine the best abilities of both sexes and master them if you constantly train your brain.


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