Relationships Among Dog Ownership and Leisure


How To Spend Leisure
Time With a Dog?

Today I want to talk about options for spending time with your pet. Many people who have dogs just go out with them 1-2 times a day for a show, not even suspecting that there are many ways to spend, for example, a weekend actively and interestingly and with health benefits. So, let’s deal with vacation options, I am sure that everyone can find the right one for themselves.

Option 1. Exhibitions

If buying a dog, you carefully chose and wanted to be sure of its 100% breed, then your pet probably has a pedigree. If so, then this option may seem very interesting to you, because you have the opportunity to attend exhibitions. Sounds not very clear yet, right? Let’s get it right.

Dog Show is an event where you can get a description and rating of your dog from a breed expert. To participate, the pet must have a pedigree and a vet. passport with timely vaccinations. Also, before the exhibition, it is necessary to study the algorithm and the specifics of the dog’s display, teach it to stand quietly, show its teeth, and trot in the ring. Exhibitions are quite a gambling pastime because other dogs will compete with you, but there is only one winner (in the class) who receives an exhibition rating (I will discuss this in more detail later).

The winner of his class goes further by comparison with the best dog of another class (within his breed), and so you can win the title of the best dog of the show among all breeds. People go to exhibitions to get exhibition ratings and titles, the combination of which makes it possible to obtain various certificates, for example, the Champion of Russia. But even if you have not won your class, this is not a reason to be upset, because the expert’s opinion is very relative and everyone sees dogs differently.

And now an option for those who are not interested in all kinds of titles, their dog does not have a pedigree or not a pet at all. You can find an interesting exhibition on the Internet and just come to it (with or without a pet) to watch and chat directly with owners of different breeds. This is very convenient if you are looking for a suitable breed, as you can immediately look at its representatives, their character and discuss issues of interest to you with the owner of a dog of this breed.

In general, this option is really very exciting. If you are interested, then you can find more information about the exhibition (rules, specifics, and so on) on the Internet, since it is very extensive in it there are many nuances that are problematic to describe in one article.

Option 2. Active walk

You can turn an ordinary walk into an active workout. How to do this depends on the time of year. For example, in the warmer months, you can go to the park for a jog, bike ride, or roller skate around the city. And in the cold part of the year, there is the opportunity to ski and skate. Taking with you a pet, all these activities we know can be completely new and even more exciting and useful for both of you.

Option 3. Sports and participation in sporting events

This option also applies to the active pastime. There are many sports with animals. I will list some of them.


This sport is a joint run of the owner and the dog. In fact, this is the official version of the usual Sunday run with a domestic dog, practiced by many citizens.

According to the rules of caniros, the owner and the dog must run a certain distance. The two-legged athlete is tied to his dog (or vice versa – as you like) with a special rope tied around his belt.

Judges placed along the track ensure that the owner does not overtake his dog and drag it along with him. If this happens, immediate disqualification follows. So Hollywood is truly a team sport.

Dog Sled Racing

Man has long been using draft dogs. The oldest sleds and dog teams discovered in Eastern Siberia are about 4 thousand years old. But as sports disciplines, dog races were recognized only at the beginning of the 20th century.
Indeed, in the midst of the gold rush in Alaska, there were desperate debaters who wanted to compare their teams in strength and speed. And for the birth of sports, nothing more was required.

Most often, specific breeds of dogs are used in races: Alaskan and Siberian husky, Malamutes, Chukchi sledding, as well as various crossbreeds of dogs from these breeds. Dog sled racing is very popular and will soon become an Olympic sport.

Bikejoring (Dry Land)

This is a summer sport of sledding, originally invented for training sled dogs in the warm season. Bikejoring is the same vacationers, only a person does not run with his dog, but rides a bicycle.
Gradually, such training grew into a separate sport in which dogs of various breeds and even outbreaks can participate. Good results are shown by German shepherds, Dobermans, boxers, and Giant Schnauzers.


It is both a game, exercise, and entertainment. Flyball is essentially a canine version of Frisbee competitions. Its rules are simple: the owner throws a flying saucer at a distance of about 5 meters. The dog should catch the disk as soon as possible and bring it to the owner. As a rule, dogs who love to play a show just the wonders of acrobatics.

There are contests for the most beautiful, most original jump, etc. Unlike other sports, flyball is available for people with disabilities who participate in competitions along with everyone else.

The growth of the dog does not matter, and quite often you can see how small dogs of indeterminate breed win the most prestigious competitions. Thus, flyball is an ideal sport for those who want to have fun, warm-up and compete in the company of their fourth favorite. Of course, provided that the dog does not gnaw the disk for more fun.

Freestyle music

Freestyle is a sport in dog training, during which an athlete and a dog (hereinafter referred to as a dance couple) demonstrate sports to dance to the music. Freestyle competitions are open to all dogs. Freestyle, the most beautiful form of cynological sport, is becoming increasingly popular.

There are also many more sports with dogs, everyone can choose the most interesting for themselves.

Option 4. Trekking with a dog

This is probably the most unusual, interesting, but the most problematic of the options.

The place of the campaign can be made unexpected: starting from the suburban forest, ending with the reserve in Kamchatka. It all depends on your preferences and capabilities.

To be honest, for me this way of spending time is the most attractive because it can easily turn an ordinary weekend into an unforgettable adventure: beautiful views, food by the fire … And if you get together with a good company of friends, warm memories are guaranteed for life.

But you need to consider that you and your dog should be ready for such a trip both physically and theoretically: you must be in good physical shape, familiarize yourself with the route in advance, and collect everything you need.


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