Should I buy a MacBook Pro 16? User reviews


Should I Buy a MacBook Pro 16? 

If you love to read nasty things about Apple and its products, I can tell you where this is, in a concentrated form, and with extremely specific, real examples of miscalculations and failures, above the roof. These are the forums of the owners of any apple technology. For example, a forum for owners of 16-inch MacBook Pros.

Participants write about the problems of their 16-inch, trying to find their solution – and, as a rule, find it. Sometimes, to fix a problem that has reached a nervous tick, you have to contact the Apple service center, where the buggy MacBook Pro is changed to working, sometimes the problems go away by themselves.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro also has chronic sores that sooner or later (rather late, but surely) will kill him – but, surprisingly, in general, the MBP 16 is not as bad as it might seem.

MacBook Pro 16 freezes

The question is rhetorical, implying the answer is “never.” Acute intolerable problems that interfere with work and manifest themselves, as a rule, at critically inappropriate times, in almost a hundred percent of cases turn out to be problems of the element base. At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, many 16-inches with an AMD Radeon Pro 5500M (this is a more expensive graphics processor) had a panic of the GPU core sometimes five to six times a day. On the advice of Apple representatives, who confidently stated that the cause of the problem was third-party software, people cleaned the 16-inch, reinstalled the operating system. It didn’t help.

With OpenGL and Open CL everything was fine, but these technologies, in fact, are considered obsolete in macOS and are not recommended for use, Metal has been taking their place for several years. Until we figured it out, on the forums you could find out how to block a discrete GPU and use only the graphics built into the Intel processor. Now it seems that computers with this problem are simply changing to normal. This one helps. If the GPU were not soldered tightly into the motherboard, it would be enough to replace the chip.

Problems 16-inch MacBook Pro

Some problems are chronic and insoluble. For example, when working with an external 4K display, even with the laptop cover closed, the 16-inch processor heats up to 100 ° C. A cooling system that is significantly more efficient than the 2019 15-inch MBP does not cope. The 2019 15-inch MBP had the same problem – it was simply overshadowed by other problems. Processors (by the way, in MBP 15 and MBP 16 they are the same) are able to withstand such mockery for a long time, but not infinitely. The roar of the fan puts pressure on the psyche if monitoring the temperature becomes uncomfortable – but Apple is confident that 3-4 years of such work is not fatal for MBP 16. This is not treated.

And a number of unpleasant symptoms that inevitably arise in MBP 16 after transferring programs and user data to it, disappear on their own – after 5-10 days. This is a slowdown in performance, overload and overheating of the processor, the rapid depletion of the battery (in 2-3 hours instead of the promised 10). Complaints about these symptoms on the forums are darkness. And since Apple was deemed inappropriate to warn buyers about these symptoms, because of these symptoms, most of the returned Macs are returned to Apple. The fact is that in the early days, the computer automatically indexes the contents of the drive in the background. This is one of the “optimization” processes. After 5-10 days, symptoms, as many wrote in our Telegram chat, pass. By the way, if you haven’t seen it, you can see our review of this laptop, where we talked about the main advantages and “sores” of the MacBook Pro 16.

Should I buy a MacBook Pro 16

The number of “offended by the 16-inch” was considered not by me, but by a user support person (not in Russia), who calculated their number worldwide. This is about 3-5 thousand returned MBP or replaced it (for free) with a working copy. With sales volumes of 16-inches in pieces, everything is not easy either. Since 2008 or 2009, Apple has not published information on the number of laptops and desktop computers sold; since 2018, information on the number of Macs, iPads, and iPhones sold has not been published. It is not difficult to find out the sales volumes in pieces, and even by models and their configuration options. All this is scrupulously calculated. If you are Tim Cook or someone from his inner circle, all this is available to you. For the rest, this is a secret.

There is no exact data, but again, there are estimates of analytical companies that have very suspicious sources of information. From the end of November 2019 to March 30, 2020, 700-800 thousand 16-inch MacBook Pros were sold. You will be surprised, but mostly satisfied with them.

For two and a half months of the second quarter, presumably, another 700 or 100 thousand were added to 700-800 thousand. Total, everything is unbearably bad for 0.5% of those who bought MBP 16. Tolerant. So, as it seems to me, you can safely buy it.


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