The New iPad Operating System


Overview of iPadOS, the New iPad
Operating System

At WWDC 2019, Apple introduced the iPadOS, a separate operating system for the iPad. She will receive features that are especially relevant on the tablet’s big screen. In this article, we will talk about the first iPadOS release, which will be available for download in the fall.

The system takes multitasking to a new level

The functions of using several Slide Over and Split View applications simultaneously have already brought multitasking work on the iPad to a very high level. Updating the operating system increases the number of useful features.

Previously, using Slide Over, you could quickly look into the application in a special additional window in the foreground. After installing iPadOS, there may be several such applications, and switching between them will turn out by swiping.

The Split View function divides the iPad screen into several parts, each of which can be occupied using a separate application. In the updated version of the operating system, it will work simultaneously with two windows of the same program.

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Redesigned Home Screen

Now the home screen makes more efficient use of the iPad’s large screen. In addition to application icons, useful docked widgets appeared on it.

This will give you the opportunity to quickly see the current weather conditions, the nearest planned affairs, the most interesting pictures and videos from the Photos application, Siri offers, and any other necessary information.

Previously, for this, it was necessary to go to a separate menu of the operating system, now no. At the same time, the number of icons on the home screen has not decreased, so there is definitely free space for each of your applications.

Work with Apple Pencil has become even more convenient

Precision, versatility, and minimal latency Apple Pencil make it a unique tool for drawing, taking notes, marking. After installing iPadOS, the delay from touching the screen to its response becomes even less, which means the sensations will be even more like drawing with a real pencil.

To make it more convenient for you to use the Apple Pencil, the developers have improved the toolbar for it. Now it can be compressed and stretched, as well as moved to any convenient place on the screen.

When connected to a Mac on macOS 10.15, the Catalina iPad on iPadOS with Apple Pencil can be used instead of a professional graphics tablet.

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Typing and editing text is now even easier

New features of the operating system for working with text deserve special attention. Thanks to a set of special gestures, you can edit it, move individual blocks, and not only become even more convenient.

After the update, you can quickly drag the cursor with your finger anywhere in the text. To select a text, now it’s enough to simply drag through it. Two tapas will help you choose a word, three – a sentence, four – a paragraph.

To copy the selected fragment, you need to bring three fingers above it, to insert – to part. You can also undo the last changes in the text by waving three fingers to the left, and repeat by moving to the right.

New file interaction features

The iPadOS update provides new ways to view, interact, and share data in the Files app. It becomes an even more universal way to work with documents of any type.

The program has the ability to display files in the form of columns. A preview mode is also now available here, with which you can use quick actions: for example, rotate the image.

With the help of updated “Files”, you can access information from a home computer or a working server. You can now connect external USB drives to the iPad and use the data on them as you wish.

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Safari browser got download manager

Safari on iPad received a full-fledged download manager, with which you can quickly download any necessary data from the Internet. In the future, they can be seen both through a separate browser menu and through the “Files”.

Safari taught how to show full versions of sites adapted for a large touch screen. This will make it easier to work in Google documents, Squarespace website builder, or WordPress admin panel.

On iPadOS, Safari becomes more secure. It even more effectively protects against sites that are trying to track your actions. Now they will not be able to target you with their advertising offers.

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View pictures through the “Photos” are now more convenient

To make content navigation more convenient, the Photos application now provides the menu of the same name. It will give the opportunity to lay out pictures and videos by day, month, and year, as well as change the scale of thumbnails.

After updating to iPadOS using the “Photos” application, it will become more convenient to adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, and other nuances of each image. No additional software is needed for this.

Separately, it should be noted editing videos. Now almost all the tools that are used for photos can be applied in the video, including rotation, cropping, and automatic enhancement.

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The system has become even safer

Like iOS 13, iPadOS will give you the ability to log in to sites and applications using data from your Apple ID account. At the same time, Apple guarantees that your personal information does not fall into the hands of ill-wishers.

The developers also finalized the “Privacy” menu in the system settings. Now, with the help of it, it will be possible to give applications one-time access to location data, as well as control the use of Bluetooth.

The “Home” has added support for video surveillance cameras. All videos that they record will be stored securely in iCloud cloud storage so that attackers will not be able to access them.

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iPadOS got a dark interface theme

The dark interface design, which many have been waiting for more than a year, deserves special attention. It increases the comfort of using the operating system in the evening and at night, and also creates the feeling of a new device.

Apple first introduced users to a dark theme during the announcement of macOS 10.14 Mojave a year ago. IPadOS used the same principle: the light background in the system, in embedded and third-party applications, becomes dark, and the text is vice versa.

You can set up a dark theme on the iPad through Settings> Screen and Brightness. It is possible to enable it to forcibly and always use it. You can also set the time for its automatic activation according to a specific schedule or after sunset.

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What devices can I install iPadOS on:

  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro;
  • 11-inch iPad Pro
  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro;
  • iPad (6th generation);
  • iPad (5th generation);
  • iPad mini (5th generation);
  • iPad mini 4;
  • iPad Air (3rd generation);
  • iPad Air 2.

The final version of iPadOS will appear this fall. If your device supports updating, you can install it through the menu “Settings”> “General”> “Software Update”, as well as through iTunes or a separate Finder section in macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Compared with iOS 12.3, iPadOS should accelerate the launch of applications up to two times – while they will take up less space. After updating the system, a Face ID scanner will recognize you in person faster up to 30%.

In addition to everything that we described above, iPadOS has a huge number of other innovations that should make using the iPad even more convenient. Now Apple tablets will have their own development direction.

We will talk more about the iPadOS after its release this fall. Stay with us!


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