What Animal Is Allergic

What Animal Is Allergic

A short introduction to a very relevant topic. Why on the website of a medical subject notes about our pets are so popular. Why is it even minimal. Within the framework of the site, information regarding the justified selection of favorite animals can determine for many years the course of life of not only the owner but also the living creature.
Which we love and adore. Why, finally, my simple tips. Which sometimes looks a little academic, popular, and justified.

Because it is important for me to communicate directly with people who are interested in that splendor of feelings, the beauty of living together with beloved, trusting, attached only to you, affectionate and patient pets.

And the problems of keeping them or a possible impact on the well-being… A trifle, together we can solve them. Write, call, I’m always in touch.

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Many people dream of having an animal in the house and most easily translate it into reality.ย But there are those who, even with the greatest desire, cannot do this, because he or his loved ones are allergic to animals.ย So it is generally accepted – an allergic person and a pet are two incompatible things.ย But you should not be upset, because this is not true.ย Today I will destroy such a common myth.

The secret is that there are animals that do not cause allergies (hypoallergenic), that is, even the most โ€œsensitiveโ€ owners will be comfortable living with them.

So, let’s look at a few possible options.

Option 1. Fish, reptiles

The most common and safest solution is to get fish or reptiles.ย The first one can cause only one problem: sometimes their food can cause allergies.ย Therefore, before the aquarium appears in your house, go through a doctorโ€™s examination and make sure that everything is in order.ย Turtles, lizards, fish, etc. do not sweat and do not fade, which makes them wonderful hypoallergenic pets.ย But you should familiarize yourself with the information on care and maintenance, as there are nuances that can trigger an allergic reaction.

Option 2. Hypoallergenic Rodents

Hamsters.ย These include the Syrian hamster, or as it is also called the “golden hamster”.

They are quite unpretentious in care, but, like almost any rodent, their life expectancy is quite short – 2.5 years.

Rats.ย Allergy sufferers use the bald sphinx rat, which is distinguished by its intelligence and orientation towards people.ย They respond to their name, distinguish their own from strangers, and love to sit on their shoulders or in their pockets.

Guinea pigs.ย Suitable โ€œbaldโ€ breed baldwin and skinny. Such pigs need some care because they are more sensitive to the environment than their โ€œwoolโ€ counterparts. But in general, this is all not difficult, so this option is quite easy to implement.

Chinchillas.ย Chinchillas are leaders in allergy-friendly animal ratings.ย The fur of the animal is really less allergenic, in comparison with the fur coats of cats and dogs.

In general, for allergy sufferers, you can consider almost any rodent that lives in a cage and does not scatter its hair throughout the house.

Option 3. Cats, Dogs

And finally, the most welcome option.

Cats.ย It is worth giving preference to bald breeds.ย For example, such as the Sphinx, Elf, Devon Rex, or Cornish Rex. True, many can repel their appearance, such cats are โ€œamateurโ€.ย And if this is true, then bald (and not only) dog breeds will come to the rescue because as a rule, people are more familiar with them.

Then here is a list of hypoallergenic representatives:

  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
  • Bichon frize
  • Chinese Crested
  • Kerry Bluetooth
  • Maltese lapdog
  • Poodle
  • Schnauzer
  • Bedlington terrier
  • Irish water spaniel

Thus, it is worth reconsidering your decision if you, your relatives, or friends decided to permanently abandon the pet because of your diagnosis. But it is worth considering the fact that before this it is necessary to consult a doctor, since even if you are not allergic to the hair or skin secretions of the animal, there may be a manifestation of symptoms on sawdust, feed, dust and other โ€œsideโ€ effects of the petโ€™s stay in the house.


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