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What To Do if a Dog Bites?


What To Do if a Dog Bites

Although dogs are considered human friends, cases of their bites and the elimination of their consequences are often found in medical practice. And not all of us clearly imagine the consequences of such an incident.
If Pet Dog Bites: What To Do?
A dog bite wound can be stabbed or lacerated.

Dog bite wound

Stab wounds. In this case, only the outer skin is damaged without tearing the soft tissues. Often such injuries are accompanied by bleeding, which must be promptly stopped and the bite treated with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, with a gauze bandage applied.

Dog bite: what to do?

Lacerations. Upon receipt of such an injury, damage to the skin with its rupture is usually even visually observed. In the described case, suturing is necessary and treatment is carried out under the supervision of doctors.

Dog Bite: Implications

Possible consequences

  • When a pathogenic microflora penetrates into an open wound, the patient develops a fever with chills. The bite site swells, an increase in lymph nodes manifests itself.
  • With bites of a rabid dog, the first symptom of infection is the appearance of hallucinations. Then the temperature jumps sharply, a severe headache appears, and aches in the joints develop. All these symptoms are accompanied by signs of nausea to vomiting and muscle cramps.
  • With especially strong bites, fractures, large-scale ruptures of muscle tissue, and heavy internal bleeding are possible.

After a dog bite!

If at least one of the above symptoms is manifested, an emergency call is an obligatory measure. In many cases, such an act can even prevent death. It should also immediately prior to the arrival of doctors to provide the victim with at least the simplest first aid.

What to do if a dog has bitten before blood?

If the wound is bleeding, you should wait with a stop of the blood so that harmful microorganisms are removed from the body with it. Hydrogen peroxide is best suited for treating wounds; in the absence of special preparations, foam from ordinary laundry soap can also be used. Wound washing is carried out for a long time and carefully, after which the skin around is abundantly lubricated with brilliant green or iodine solution.

The dog bit: what to do at home!

In general, turning to a doctor for help with all bites is strictly necessary, because it is not always possible to establish whether the animal that attacked the patient was a carrier of rabies, and the risk in such situations is completely unacceptable. Indeed, without special medical care, an incident can result in death.

The dog bit the owner to the blood: how to punish? What to do with a dog if it has bitten the owner? 

Not only beginners but also experienced breeders are faced with a violation of pet behavior. In most cases, the fault of pet behavior is the fault of the owners. In this article, we will explain why the dog bites the owner and what to do about it. 

Why did the dog bite the owner?

There are several reasons why a dog shows overt aggression towards its owner and family members. The fact is that many people do not quite adequately and correctly perceive the dog’s attitude to the family. Most breeders treat their pets as children. That is, as a son, daughter, trying to give them affection, love, and care. Along with this, a lot of animals are allowed. It is the wrong behavior on the part of the owners that causes aggression in their direction from the pet. It is worth noting that in a dog pack, an animal for itself deserves a certain authority by actions, by force. 

Why did the dog bite the owner:

  • To get delicious food, a female, and the most convenient place, a street dog has to put a lot of effort. It is necessary to show that he is the leader of the pack, the master. In a family in which people dominate, relationships are built on a different principle. We are used to treating our pets a little differently than they need it. The dog can mistakenly consider himself the head of the family since the family is a pack for him. He does not distinguish between man and dog, respectively, there is no difference in a relationship.
  • That is why many owners are faced with bites, aggression in their direction from their favorite pets. In this case, one cannot respond with aggression, because evil begets evil. In no case should you pull the dog on the leash and beat it. Such behavior can cause even more pronounced aggression towards the owners or other family members.
  • A correct approach is needed to educate the dog and show who is the main one. Respect, obedience cannot be achieved with the help of aggression, screaming. A very serious, holistic approach is needed here, but all family members must adhere to it. This is a serious work, which is aimed at raising the right skills of the dog and his position in the family.  

    Can a dog bite the owner and why?

    When to sound the alarm? In most cases, before biting the owner or family member, the dog shows some specific signs. If this happens in a dog pack, then its members understand that in the next few seconds one of the dogs can attack the other. People may not understand this, ignoring the signs. Therefore, if you see wool rising on the dog’s back, it growls, squint, snaps, stands on its front paws, arching its back a little, which means the dog is unhappy, an attack may follow in the next few seconds or minutes.  

    Can a dog bite the owner and why:

    • While eating. In no case should the dog be distracted from eating, as at that moment it becomes aggressive? The fact is that at this moment dominant, competitive behavior is triggered, and the dog perceives your creeps regarding her bowl as a desire to take away food. That is why aggression may occur. The dog during this period controls itself poorly, can bite its hand and grab. 
    • The dog goes towards you, you are heading along the wall behind it. Thus, the dog believes that you become a direct threat to it.  


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