Who is More Effective: Businessman or Businesswoman


Who is More Effective:
Businessman or Businesswoman

Women in business are still treated with prejudice, it is believed that sooner or later they will play gender characteristics and the businesswoman will return to the children and the kitchen. There is also a division between female and male types of business. How to understand this issue?
Women vs Men

The word “businesswoman” came into our everyday life much later than “businessman”. Moreover, not so long ago the “businessman” was pronounced with disapproving intonations, since it was understood that there was nothing sacred in the businessman’s soul and that he was ready to sell his own soul for profit.

In modern society, businessmen are treated with respect, because everyone understands that they are business people who have to work hard so that their company develops and makes a profit.

There is an opinion that it is much more difficult for a woman to become successful in business than a man because sooner or later she will become a wife and mother. Both business and the family require full commitment, and someday she will still have to make a choice, which is likely to be in favor of the family.

Another common opinion why a woman does not make a good entrepreneur is that women are too sensitive, euphoric, emotional and unpredictable.

In general, all the “blondes.” Obviously, the roots of this opinion are from ancient times, when it was believed that “a woman has long hair and a short mind,” or “though her head is thick and empty in her head.”

But despite such a biased opinion, women broke the prevailing stereotype and proved in practice that their business abilities were no worse than men’s ones. As the French writer Henri de Rainier said, “Women are capable of everything, and men are capable of everything else.”

However, men and women naturally have different qualities that are equally important in business.


  • have developed rational thinking, and their actions are led by logic;
  • in difficult situations they quickly make the right decision;
  • good analysts, calculate risks and are ready for them;
  • tough, cold-blooded and prudent;
  • quickly adapt to technological progress.


  • mainly guided by feelings;
  • their intuition is well developed;
  • have a broader view of things than men;
  • have a well-developed visual memory;
  • able to do several things at the same time;
  • more sociable, flexible, and diplomatic than men.

By the way, according to statistics, the more women driving cars, the more civilized the situation on the roads. Moreover, the economy is less corrupt where there are more women in business.

However, correctly using the advantages of men and women in business management – male logic combined with female intuition, for example, in a family business, you can achieve high results.

Male and female types of business

According to opinion polls, almost half of Russians believe that there is a tacit division of types of business into female and male. The remaining respondents believe that such a division on the basis of gender is inappropriate. It is noteworthy that these include people with higher education and well-off financially.

They argue that the number of women in leadership positions is growing steadily. Moreover, such statements are more typical for people aged 30 to 40 years.

What kind of business do men prefer?

Quite often this is a business based on male hobbies or hobbies: computers, sports, cars, hunting, fishing, etc. It is more common to see a man selling cars, opening a sports complex, repairing computers, etc., rather than a woman. Men have a passion for such activities since childhood.

Of course, there are women who are not alien to such hobbies, but there are not so many of them. In addition, customers who are interested, for example, in the intricacies of gunsmithing, would rather prefer to consult a man rather than a woman.

Construction is also a masculine type of business. The owners of construction enterprises, supermarkets selling building materials and equipment, design companies are usually men.

It is also almost impossible to find a woman in business areas where you need to be tough – for example, while downsizing, make a quick decision, make a deal involving great risk.

Many women would rather sacrifice the interests of the enterprise than decide to leave a large number of people unemployed. Women more often than men consult with subordinates; they are not inclined to press with their decisions; their orders are softer.

Businessmen can afford to go to work so much that they often forget about their family and their own health in the interests of business. Most women, however, never forget about family and children.

Therefore, the largest companies in the world, in particular those associated with IT technologies, the oil and gas industry, as a rule, is run by men.

What activities do women prefer?

Traditionally, the first place is occupied by the areas of activity related to working with children, parenting, and training — this is the organization of private schools, foreign language courses and translation agencies, kindergartens, teaching, and tutoring.

The beauty industry is another popular area of ​​application for the abilities of a businesswoman. Beauty and spa salons, hairdressers, fitness centers are their prerogative.

Women are good psychologists with a developed sense of intuition, thanks to which they find themselves in a business related to staff recruitment. They successfully manage recruitment agencies, clearing companies, showing patience, and intuition in relations with people.

A lot of women build their business, engaged in the design of clothes, interior or landscape design, decoration of weddings and holidays, the provision of stylist-image-maker services.

They successfully work in areas related to the sale of clothes: they own boutiques for the sale of fashionable clothes, shoes, and accessories, and provide services for shoppers and buyers. And another area of ​​activity where women succeed is related to needlework, in particular sewing and knitting.

Businesswoman and stereotypes

There is a preconceived notion that a businesswoman must have a bitchy character. It is unfair and was formed, most likely, by losers of both sexes, unable to take responsibility and make important decisions. Often a woman doing business is not perceived as a serious business partner until she proves it in practice. While a man is trusted a priori.

Sometimes it is impossible to convince those who do not believe that a woman is able to receive certain material wealth independently, without the help of fans, even if she has three educations and works without days off. An expensive car in a man suggests that his business is successful. The same car is perceived by a woman as someone else’s gift.

Another stereotype is that a woman who has a successful business is single and unhappy in her personal life, she is either not yet married or already divorced. Such stereotypes complicate the life of women in business and require psychological resistance from them.

In addition, unlike a businessman who is sometimes allowed to be slightly sloppy, a businesswoman cannot afford it. She needs to possess the skill of the “golden mean”: not to look like a “bluestocking” or “gray moth” and at the same time not to remind her appearance of a top model on the catwalk.

So, the ideal image of businessmen, both men, and women do not exist. Many character traits that determine the success of a business are equally possessed by both, therefore it does not depend on gender.

The main thing is that a businessman or businesswoman possess business qualities, professionalism, intelligence, charisma, have financial capabilities. And, of course, good health, because a successful career involves great psychophysical stress.


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