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Why Adopt Pets?


Why Do We Have Pets?

What is the use of them and why we cannot resist them?

Pets do not always consciously appear in the house, but they always very densely join our life and become its integral part. Most people cannot imagine how to do without a four-legged friend. Many sincerely consider pets to be full family members.

Indeed, the beast brings into the life of all households a sea of ​​love, warmth, and positive emotions. The sincere puppy joy with which the dogs meet the owner when he returns from work will melt the iciest heart. And how nice to hug a warm and fluffy cat, who is just waiting for the right occasion to jump on her knees!

Pets bring a lot of joy: they become the salvation for single people, they are a center of attraction for all family members, they turn into the best companions, associates, and partners. It is well known that they also have a therapeutic and even healing effect on their owners: they prevent the development of depression, relieve stress, suppress anxiety, and normalize blood pressure. Around the cats are even little mystical ideas: it is believed that they instinctively choose to lie on a sore spot on the body of the owner and “take” all the pain and negative energy. Believe it or not, it is everyone’s personal choice, but the fact that cat purring has a healing effect on the nervous system and even, according to some reports, activates the defenses of the human body is a long-established fact.

Keeping animals in the house is not an easy task. After all, pets bring to the house not only joy, but also dirt, wool, and fluff. Sometimes, with the connivance of the owners, they even become carriers of infections, diseases, and various parasites. This is if we do not mention what dirty tricks and pranks they sometimes suit us, breaking and spoiling things, furniture, clothes.

Of course, pets require a lot of attention and care: daily walks, regular visits to veterinarians, vaccinations, the fight against parasites, of course, the selection of a diet, vitamins and various supplements – all this can greatly complicate an already busy life.

Ever since humans domesticated some animals, the coexistence of animals and humans has been beneficial to both. Scientists from all countries are increasingly inclined to the idea that animals bring great benefit to their owners. Even in Ancient Egypt and Greece, dogs and cats saved many diseases, and Hippocrates himself was inclined to think about the healing abilities of domestic animals.

It’s no secret to anyone that dogs’ wounds heal very quickly. There is even a saying: “Heals like a dog!”. Let’s figure out how healing saliva is and whether it really is.

Even in ancient China, dog saliva was used to treat wounded soldiers. For this purpose, special “therapeutic” dogs were kept at hospitals, which were admitted to patients and licked wounds with their tongue. In Russia, they also knew about the medicinal properties of canine saliva. As popular wisdom says: “A cat has a hundred diseases in his mouth, and a dog has a hundred recipes.” For the treatment of wounds, dermatitis, and even fungal diseases, in pre-revolutionary times, dog saliva was used. Sour cream was applied to the area affected by the fungus and the dog licked it with pleasure, giving the owner recovery. There is information that children’s scoliosis was treated in the same way. The dog licked sour cream from the back of the child, as a result of which the first and second-degree scoliosis was cured. The effect of massage, or canine saliva, or both?

When thinking about the question of whether to buy a cat or a dog for a child or not, remember also that animals develop a child’s logical thinking. So, when a puppy wags its tail cheerfully, it means that it is satisfied; when whining plaintively – he feels bad; when he brings the ball in his teeth, he wants to play.

As you know, animals for children are an excellent source of various activities. It can be a joint game, or simply observing the dog’s actions, and labor in caring for it, and creativity in inventing new games. Thanks to all this, the child develops imagination, observation, curiosity, perseverance, patience.

Pets are a source of joy and positive emotions. In addition, in communicating with them, the child develops the very first ideas about the beautiful.

Long communication with cats and dogs develops a creative principle in the child. Children can reflect their feelings in relationships with pets in verses, drawings, stories, applications. This is a great way to keep your child busy with activities that parents can take advantage of.
With a skillful approach to communicating with animals, its maintenance and care for the child, and you will only be in joy.

Most often, a dog becomes a real friend, defender, a partner in games for a child – the most faithful and responsive creature among pets (40% of the total number of pet lovers prefer to keep them at home.) By the way, dogs have excellent contact with children, often more faithful than “nannies ” can not found… The breed “Turkmen wolfhound (Central Asian Shepherd)” can be attributed to very “successful nannies”. Turkmen labia have repeatedly demonstrated their devotion to their “pack” (to owners and family members, including children). Understanding the significance of the little man for the owners, the CAO show miracles of selflessness: they keep watch at the cradle, protect from strangers, whine mournfully, hearing a baby cry.


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